FIFA Fans Are Debating The Series’ Best Songs

FIFA players are discussing the best songs to have come from the series so far.

If there's one unarguable truth of the universe it's that FIFA songs have always been, and will always be, amazing, a fact that rings so true that it's something that even those uninterested in football can agree on. The series may have changed a lot over the years and might be massively changing in the next year, but that isn't stopping FIFA fans from getting nostalgic and thinking back to the best songs to have graced the series.

Twitter user StokeyyG2 started the conversation earlier in the week when sharing what they thought was unarguably the best song in FIFA history – John Newman's "Love Me Again" from FIFA 14. That's starting the conversation strong, as I'm already starting to belt out the words after a brief listen. The Tweet quickly went viral with over 269,000 likes at the time of writing, with many FIFA fans going on to share their own takes on what the best song is.

Twitter user AndyTaylorsFace was quick to rebuke that claim by going nostalgic with Blur's "Song 2" from FIFA 98. Not a bad shout, but FIFA fans were quick to fight nostaliga with slightly-less-old nostalgia with FIFA 99's "The Rockafeller Skank" by Fatboy Slim. Both of these are essential FIFA songs, to be fair, but the debate is only just getting started.

FIFA fans were also quick to highlight some more classic FIFA anthems like FIFA 04's "Jerk It Out", FIFA 08's "Young Folks", and FIFA 09's "Kids".

Moving away from classic FIFA songs, plenty of votes were cast for some more recent picks, including FIFA 14's "On Our Way" and "Hit It", and FIFA 15's "The Nights" and "16 years".

Of course, where there's FIFA discussion, PES can be seen limply following in the back, with Twitter user MA_15001 sharing PES 2013's "Ai Se Eu Te Pego". I'd dismiss it completely if it wasn't an absolute banger.

The list of FIFA songs being recommend through that thread and on social media in general over the past few days is too much to chronicle here, but if you're a fan of the series then there's never been a better time to argue which FIFA song is best. You're all wrong anyway – the best FIFA song is "The Big Bang" from FIFA 12. Obviously.

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