Final Fantasy: 10 Ridiculously Impractical Character Costume Designs

The Final Fantasy series is known for all sorts of things across gaming culture. This includes deep stories, beautiful worlds, and foundational JRPG mechanics, but one of the more significant tropes is the ridiculous costumes that the game’s ridiculous costumes that both serious and silly characters are forced to wear.

Some of these are certainly stylistic to their worlds, but an absurd number of these outfits and hairstyles are going to make anyone looking through a window think twice. Whether it looks simply uncomfortable, or is just a regrettable choice for an action hero, these are some of the strangest ones you can find in the past few decades of Final Fantasy games.

10 Vaan (Final Fantasy 12)

Final Fantasy 12’s protagonist Vaan is hard to describe in detail. Not only is he shirtless with a metallic vest, but he’s also wearing extremely heavy knight leggings that seem extremely hard to move around with. Given that the vest looks metal as well, it seems like an immense safety hazard to just walk around fast enough for it to scrape across his skin.

Even stranger is how these pants are held up, as it seems to just have a scarf and some miscellaneous jewelry to hold up the baggy fabric leggings under the armor. It’s an ambitious combination that just makes him look like he’s missing a layer, or wearing one too many.

9 Cindy (Final Fantasy 15)

Cindy is a go-to for many gamers who think about overly revealing clothing in the Final Fantasy series, as this mechanic appears exclusively in a cleavage-revealing mini jacket and extremely tight shorts. On one hand, open and light clothing isn’t unimaginable for a mechanic, as it’s a job where you’ll often be getting dirty and ruining nice clothes anyway.

What’s odd about Cindy’s, though, is that all of it looks like it just fits incredibly poorly, rather than being intentionally light. The unstretched denim shorts and thick miniature jacket are significantly more questionable for a character that needs to deal with heavy machinery and stretch under cars for their profession, and feels pointed towards cosplayers and male players instead.

8 Shalua (Final Fantasy 7)

Cindy might be questionable with revealing clothing in her profession, but Shalua is making a much bigger stretch of her company’s dress code as a scientist for the World Regenesis Organization. Beneath her lab coat is a fairly reasonable miniskirt and a tank top, but both have extra sashes of fabric that just seem movement restricting.

What’s more bizarre is the loose positioning of her coat, as she’ll rarely wear it closed and often with her arms underneath the coat instead of through the arms. At a certain point, the coat feels more like an accessory to signify she’s a scientist, but if she’s so detached from wearing it properly she might as well just have her employee badge on hand at all times instead.

7 Vanille (Final Fantasy 13)

Oerba Dia Vanille looks like she’d jingle as she walks around. The clothes themselves are relatively fine, with fairly mobile shorts and a top that are fine to fight and travel in. The more alarming part of her costume are the massive number of beads hanging from every accessory and tassel, which simply seem irritating and distracting to listen to while walking through her game.

This is to say nothing of the other wide variety of accessories she has around her waist, including a fur shawl and some metal trinkets that just seem like they’d add weight to an otherwise convenient light outfit. It looks normal on the surface, but the more you think about it, the less practical it seems to wear out.

6 Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

Final Fantasy X is home to tons of overly colorful and elaborate outfits, but most of them end up being surprisingly fitting for the game’s art style and world. Despite being the main character, though, Tidus ends up being more absurd than any other, with different lengths of each pant leg and several layers that don’t seem to add up.

The straps over his chest don’t even keep his pants up as they’re just holding up a piece of leather fabric around his waist, but this fabric still has its own belt for no clear practical reason. This comes alongside thick armor over just his left arm and several small chains on his body, making him one of the most over-detailed characters in Final Fantasy history.

5 Yuffie (Final Fantasy 7)

Much like Tidus, Yuffie’s outfit sits much more on the uncomfortable side of things, with tons of different lengths of clothing that fit uncomfortably tight. This particularly includes her left leg, which features its own metal strap and sock while she just wears a boot on her right side.

The most significant aspect of Yuffie’s original design, though, is her massive stiff arm attachment, which later renditions of her have shrunk down considerably. Tidus’s armor at least looked like it could bend, but Yuffie’s just looks like a cast that’s helping her recover from a broken arm.

4 Quistis (Final Fantasy 8)

Quistis doesn’t have an overly strange outfit compared to many of the other Final Fantasy characters, but her skirt is uniquely impractical in a way that deserves mention. You’d almost think they’re shorts or pants given how tight the polygonal Playstation models are, but in reality she’s wearing the tightest medium skirt possible.

This just looks infuriating to walk around with, but even weirder is that she’s wearing thick black pants underneath it, rather than tighter leggings. It stretches fairly well thanks to the game’s aged character models, but in reality, looks like the most restrictive outfit you can wear given how low this tight skirt sits.

3 Edea (Bravely Default)

While not technically a Final Fantasy game, Bravely Default is similar enough to Final Fantasy in style and mechanics that most people would consider them inherently related. As a result, Edea Lee deserves a brief mention for her leather thigh-high boots, which are perhaps the largest of any character in Final Fantasy history.

These things are enormous, and considering they don’t seem to have clear zippers it’s amazing they fit as tightly as they do. They also flare out massively, meaning they’re likely painfully tight around her lower legs to suit her active and energetic fighting style. She seems to make this outfit work, but looks impossible to wear in combat outside of a fictional fantasy game.

2 Hurdy & Gurdy (Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles)

Hurdy, and his gold-colored twin Gurdy, are two strange traveling characters from the spin-off game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and their outfits are the most confusingly built of nearly any other character in the series. They seem to be wearing coats, but the centerpiece seems to act as a cape draping over top, so it’s unclear if they’re wearing jackets or robes underneath.

They also have the silliest hats of the series, being exceptionally tall and with hair that matches well, so it’s hard to tell if it’s decoration or part of their body. They’re a cosplayer’s nightmare, with none of their pieces looking functional or consistent enough to replicate in any way.

1 Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy X)

No character’s design comes close to the absurdity of Seymour Guado, a villain of Final Fantasy X with several layers of loose clothing. His main dark robe is essentially just a pair of sleeves buttoned directly onto his chest and loosely connected behind his back, but they somehow wrap around his stomach into a flared cape through his gigantic cloth belt.

However, it’s probably more important than ever to mention his hair, as it’s surely an absolute nightmare for any stylist to shape and cut two strands of hair into such smooth and sharp antennas. Combined with his clothing, he comes across much more like an alien that crash-landed in a fabric store than any normal human being.

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