Final Fantasy 12: How To Defeat Carrot

If you’re looking to complete all of the optional hunts in Final Fantasy 12, at some point you’re going to come up against the Malboro menace known as Carrot, a Rank VII Elite Mark. Defeating Carrot will earn you the “Freshmaker” achievement/trophy, as well as giving you some bragging rights.

Hunt battles can prove to be quite a challenge, especially those that earn you an accolade for completing them. For everything you need to know about where to start the quest, where to find Carrot, and how to defeat it, we’ve got everything covered right here.

Unlocking the Carrot Stalk Hunt

The Carrot Stalk Hunt petitioner is an NPC named Zammadria who can be found in the Aerodrome of the Nalbina Fortress. This hunt only becomes available after defeating Judge Bergan at Mt Bur-Omisace. You need to have a Clan Rank of Brave Companion or higher.

Carrot Location

Carrot is located in the Sun-Dappled Path area of the Salikawood, but it has certain spawn conditions. In order to get Carrot to spawn, you must not attack or kill any monsters on your journey through the Salikawood map. However, as soon as you reach the Sun-Dappled Path, you are free to fight all you want, so clear out any enemies near Carrot as otherwise, they will join in the fight.

Battle Strategy

A Viera NPC named Krjn will join the fight with you. Carrot begins the fight with a bunch of buffs and whenever you Dispel them it will cast Hero’s March to replenish them again. You’re going to want to keep Dispelling the buffs, so the best thing to do is to set up a Dispel Gambit.

As with any Malboro enemies, one of your biggest concerns is going to be the slew of status ailments that it will inflict on its party. Putrid Breath will inflict Sleep, Confuse, Blind, Poison, Petrify, Disable, Immobilize, Sap, and Slow. Equipping your party with items like Black Belts and Power Armlets can help with this, but you should also have all Remedy Lores and set up a Remedy Gambit.

Carrot’s Putrid Breath attack can cover quite a distance, so if you want to minimize its effect on your party, you can keep some of your characters out of harm’s way and have them only attack with ranged weaponry or Technicks. Esper’s are immune to status effects, so if you’re in a pinch, you can summon one to shield your party.

Carrot is classed as an undead enemy so all curative Magicks and items will do damage to it. After using Growing Threat, Carrot will become HP Critical, and both its attack and defense will increase and the chance of your party wiping will be a lot higher too. At this point, you need to kill Carrot quickly, so spamming curative Magicks and items is the best solution.

Return to Zammadria after defeating Carrot to receive your reward of 5,200 Gil, Stink Bombs, and Putrid Liquid.

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