Final Fantasy 13: How To Find Every Ribbon And Amulet

There are a lot of accessories in Final Fantasy 13 and each one increases a character's stats in a specific way. Two of Final Fantasy 13's best accessories are Ribbons and Amulets.

Ribbons, one of Final Fantasy's most famous accessories, increase a character's Resilience. Meanwhile, Amulets act as Auto-Buffs, automatically casting a spell or using an ability when at a certain percentage of health.

How To Find Every Ribbon In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
RibbonResilience +20 percentThe Archylte Steppe
Super RibbonResilience: +25 percentRibbonDark Matter

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Ribbon: The Ribbon can only be found by digging for treasure with a Chocobo on the Archylte Steppe. These treasures are random, so keep trying until you get your prize!

How To Find Every Amulet In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Guardian AmuletCritical: ProtectMagical Moments3,000 gilPalumpolum, Nautilus
Auric AmuletCritical: ShellMagical Moments3,000 gilVile Peaks, The Fifth Ark
Watchman's AmuletCritical: VeilMagical Moments3,000 gilGapra Whitewood, Yaschas Massif
Hero's AmuletCritical: BraveryMagical Moments3,000 gilThe Fifth Ark
Saint's AmuletCritical: FaithMagical Moments3,000 gilThe Fifth Ark, Mah'Habara
Zealot's AmuletCritical: VigilanceMagical Moments3,000 gilThe Faultwarrens40
Flamebane BroochCritical: BarfireMagical Moments3,000 gilOerba
Frostbane BroochCritical: BarfrostMagical Moments3,000 gilTaejin's Tower
Sparkbane BroochCritical: BarthunderMagical Moments3,000 gilTaejin's Tower
Aquabane BroochCritical: BarwaterMagical Moments3,000 gilSulyya Spring
Hermes SandalsCritical: Haste34
Tetradic CrownCritical: TetradefenseOrphan's Cradle
Shield TalismanAuto-ProtectGuardian AmuletPerovskite
Soulfont TalismanAuto-ShellAuric AmuletPerovskite
Shrouding TalismanAuto-VeilWatchman's AmuletPerovskite
Morale TalismanAuto-BraveryHero's AmuletPerovskite
Blessed TalismanAuto-FaithSaint's AmuletPerovskite
Battle TalismanAuto-VigilanceZealot's AmuletPerovskite
Flameshield EarringAuto-BarfireFlamebane BroochPerovskite
Frostshield EarringAuto-BarfrostFrostbane BroochPerovskite
Sparkshield EarringAuto-BarthunderSparkbane BroochPerovskite
Aquashield EarringAuto-BarwaterAquabane BroochPerovskite
Sprint ShoesAuto-HasteHermes SandalsPerovskite
Tetradic TiaraAuto-TetradefenseTetradic CrownScarletite

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Auric Amulet: Just before the second save point In the Scrap Processing area of Chapter 4, look for a U-shaped detour on your right. Take the extra time to explore it and you'll be rewarded with an Auric Amulet.
  • Watchman's Amulet: In the Environmental Regulation area of Chapter 5, explore to the west before taking the narrow path to the north to find a treasure sphere.
  • Guardian Amulet: After the party switches from Lightning and Fang to Snow and Hope in Chapter 7, the treasure sphere is near the second save point.
  • Guardian Amulet: After the zig-zagging path through the Mall in Chapter 8, check to your right for a Guardian Amulet. Hero's Amulet: After passing through the large room beyond the second save point in Chapter 10, look to your right as you travel along the narrow northward path. The treasure sphere is in the first small chamber.
  • Saint's Amulet: After the third save point in Chapter 10, you'll enter a large room. After the scripted encounter, check the northwest corner for a treasure sphere.
  • Auric Amulet: Upon entering the large chamber at the beginning of Chapter 10's Inner Conduit, take an immediate right and check the corner for a treasure sphere.
  • Watchman's Amulet: After reaching the second save point in Yaschas Massif, head directly north. When the path curves away to your right, continue straight to find the treasure sphere.
  • Saint's Amulet: As you near the end of Mah'Habara, a treasure sphere will be on the main path containing the Saint's Amulet.
  • Aquabane Brooch: In the Subterranean Lake area of Sulyya Spring, an island to the right of the main path contains several treasure spheres, including the Aquabane Brooch.
  • Sparkbane Brooch: Look for the treasure sphere in the southwestern area of the ground floor of Taejin's Tower.
  • Frostbane Brooch: Check the westernmost part of the large circular area in the Cloven Spire at Taejin's Tower for two Frostbane Brooches. The fastest way is through the central platform, but going there will trigger a boss fight so be ready.
  • Flamebane Brooch: After passing through Oerba Village and entering the Rust-Eaten Bridge, take an immediate left to find a Flamebane Brooch.
  • Tetradic Crown: After reconfiguring the platforms in the Tesseracts for the first time in Chapter 13, head all the way north to find the Tetradic Crown.
  • Zealot's Amulet: In the Faultwarrens, go left at every opportunity and you find a Zealot's Amulet in the Via Lunae area.

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