Final Fantasy 13: How To Find Every Ring

Final Fantasy 13 has a lot of accessories for characters to equip and upgrade their stats with. By far one of the most common accessories in the game are Rings.

Rings let you increase your Resistance to a certain elemental type, which changes depending on the ring. In short, they give you an Elemental Resistance. They're going to be key when you go up against elemental enemies. Here's where you can find them.

How To Find Every Ring In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Ember RingFire Resistance +20 percentVile Peaks, Palamecia
Frost RingIce Resistance +20 percent11
Spark RingLightning Resistance +20 percentLake Bresha, Vile Peaks, Palamecia
Aqua RingWater Resistance +20 percentSunleth Waterscape, Palumpolum
Zephyr RingWind Resistance +20 percentArchylte Steppe
Clay RingEarth Resistance +20 percentArchylte Steppe, Taejin's Tower
Blaze RingFire Resistance +25 percentEmber RingCobaltiteEden27, 53
Icicle RingIce Resistance +25 percentFrost RingCobaltite
Fulmen RingLightning Resistance +25 percentSpark RingCobaltite6
Riptide RingWater Resistance +25 percentAqua RingCobaltiteSulyya Spring
Gale RingWind Resistance +25 percentZephyr RingCobaltiteTaejin's Tower, Orphan's Cradle52
Siltstone RingEarth Resistance +25 percentClay RingCobaltite39
Salamandrine RingFire Resistance +30 percentBlaze RingUraninite
Boreal RingIce Resistance +30 percentIcicle RingUraninite
Raijin RingLightning Resistance +30 percentFulmen RingUraninite
Nereid RingWater Resistance +30 percentRiptide RingUraninite
Sylphid RingWind Resistance +30 percentGale RingUraninite
Gaian RingEarth Resistance +30 percentSiltstone RingUraninite
Entite RingElemental Resistance +10 percentSanctum Labs120,000 gil
Goddess's FavorRapid RecoveryEntite RingUraninite

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Spark Ring: In the Forgotten Commons area of Chapter 3, check the northwest corner after the second time the patch splits and reconverges.
  • Ember Ring: Midway between the third and fourth save points in the second area of Chapter 4, a treasure sphere waits along the path. Stick to the right-hand wall and you can't miss it.
  • Spark Ring: In Chapter 4, you'll have an opportunity to plow through dozens of foes in a Pulse Armament. If you kill 35 enemies or more during this segment, the right-hand treasure sphere you see afterwards will contain a Spark Ring.
  • Spark Ring: After the third save point in the Scavenger's Trail area of Chapter 4, continue heading north as far as you can go. The treasure sphere is just past the point where the trail turns to the right.
  • Ember Ring: Midway between the second and third save points in the Scrap Processing area of Chapter 4, a treasure sphere with an Ember Ring is in your path when the narrow passageway widens.
  • Aqua Ring: After being introduced to Weather Control Orbs in Chapter 6, go left at the second fork. You'll see a treasure sphere next to a Weather Control Orb. You'll be ambushed when you approach the treasure, but the enemies will differ based on the weather. It's much easier if it's raining, as a Scalebeast joins the fight if the sun is out.
  • Aqua Ring: When you enter the Nutriculture Complex area of Chapter 7, you'll ride a moving platform after the first save point. After disembarking, activate the switch on your left and get back on the platform. It will take you to two treasure spheres, one of which contains an Aqua Ring.
  • Ember Ring: When the path begins to wind upwards in the Crew Corridors area of Chapter 9, grab the treasure sphere after the first left turn.
  • Spark Ring: After the second save point in Chapter 9's Starboard Weather Decks, check the southeast corner of the large room you enter before proceeding to face the Kalavinka Striker.
  • Zephyr Ring: In the southern central area of the Archylte Steppe, a path leads directly south. Check to your left immediately upon starting down this path, but beware of the guardian. You may need to come back after levelling up to claim this treasure.
  • Clay Ring: In the northern central area of the Archylte Steppe, a large island that is only accessible by Chocobo holds a Clay Ring.
  • Riptide Ring: If your party is tough enough to defeat the Ceratosaurs in Sulyya Springs' Subterranean Lake, examine the edge of the water to cause two islands to emerge. One contains the Riptide Ring, but is guarded by powerful monsters you may not be able to defeat on your first visit to the area.
  • Gale Ring: On the fourth floor of Taejin's Tower, walk away from the save point and follow the main corridor all the way to the end, where you'll find a Gale Ring.
  • Clay Ring: Check the northernmost point of the sixth floor of Taejin's Tower before ascending to the Cloven Spire.
  • Blaze Ring: While exploring Siren Park in Chapter 12, take a left after opening the treasure sphere on the main path that contains 6 Particle Accelerators. Follow the winding side-path all the way to the end for two Blaze Rings.
  • Gale Ring: Upon beginning Chapter 13, proceed to the round area ahead and take the northeastern path. Use the warp on the left and go to the northwestern part of the new area, where you'll find a Gale Ring.

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