Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – Guildship Hunts Guide

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One of the best ways to earn quick, sufficient EXP in Final Fantasy 14 is by participating in the Hunts found within the Shadowbringers and Endwalker expansions. Though, if you have yet to dip your toe into Hunts, you will have some catching up to do, especially if you haven't done anything with your Grand Company.

Though there are many different avenues for you to earn large amounts of EXP and power level new Jobs or chip away at the later levels, Hunts remain one of the best options to do just that in Endwalker. Whether you're a veteran of the Hunts or want to dive into them for the first time, your efforts will be significantly rewarded.


Before gaining access to the Guildship Hunt in Endwalker, you will first have to take care of a few things. First and foremost, if you have yet to do any hunts, you must first reach the ranking of Second Lieutenant within your Grand Company before starting them. However, your Grand Company standing does not affect Hunts from that point onward.

Like the previous three expansions, you will also need to complete various Guildship Hunt missions to unlock the more formidable Marks, which will come naturally as you progress through the game. And, presuming there are more expansions after Endwalker, you will probably have to complete every Guildship Hunt quest before tackling whatever the next set of Hunts will be, but that's for another time.

Guildship Hunt Requirements

  • Old Sharlayan, New to You (MSQ)
  • Elite and Dangerous (last Clan Hunt quest in Heavensward)
  • Own the Endwalker expansion
  • Level 80 with any Disciple of War or Magic

Guildship Hunt Missions

Once you have met the requirements above, you can finally participate in Guildship Hunts. As mentioned earlier, you will have to complete missions before Hunting more formidable Marks. There are four quests in total.

The Hunt for Specimens

Quest NameRequirementsQuest GiverLocationRewardsUnlocks
The Hunt for Specimens
  • Old Sharlayan, New to You (MSQ)
  • Elite and Dangerous
  • Level 80
Diminutive GleanerOld Sharlayan (X:11, Y:12)
  • 168,300 EXP
  • 775 Gil
Junior Guildship Mark Bills

That Specimen Came from the Moon

Quest NameRequirementsQuest GiverLocationRewardsUnlocks
That Specimen Came from the Moon
  • A Trip to the Moon (MSQ)
  • The Hunt for Specimens
  • Level 83
NorthotaOld Sharlayan (X:11.8, Y:13.2)
  • 175,725 EXP
  • 751 Gil
Associate Guildship Mark Bills

A Hunt for the Ages

Quest NameRequirementsQuest GiverLocationRewardsUnlocks
A Hunt for the Ages
  • That Specimen Came from the Moon
  • Level 89
NorthotaOld Sharlayan (X:11.8, Y:13.2)
  • 190,575 EXP
  • 781 Gil
Senior Guildship Mark Bills

Perfect Specimens

Quest NameRequirementsQuest GiverLocationRewardsUnlocks
  • Perfect Specimens
  • A Hunt for the Ages
  • Level 90
NorthotaOld Sharlayan (X:11.8, Y:13.2)
  • 0 EXP
  • 785 Gil
Elite Guildship Mark Bills

Guildship Mark Bills

Before you get to the Elite Marks, you will first have to work through the three Guildship Mark Bills labeled Junior, Associate, and Senior, gated by the quests provided above. To obtain these Mark Bills, you will have to head to the Guildship Hunt Board found in Old Sharlayan (X:11.8, Y:13.2). Eliminating Marks will reward you with Sacks of Nuts, EXP, and Gil, with the more difficult ones offering a larger payout.

However, once you work your way up to the Elite Guildship Mark Bills, you will be introduced to new tiers of Marks, ranging from B to SS. Elite Marks are much stronger targets than the regular ones and will offer a much bigger payout if you can manage to take them down.

Elite Guildship Mark Rewards

RewardB TierA TierS TierSS Tier
Sack of NutsN/A40100400
Allagan Tomestone of PoeticsN/A30100200
Allagan Tomestone of AphorismN/A2080100
Allagan Tomestone of AstronomyN/A103050

You can exchange Sack of Nuts for exclusive items and equipment by visiting J'lakshai in Old Sharlayan (X:11.9, Y:13.2) or Wilmetta in Radz-at-Han (X:10.5, Y:7.4). Additionally, while B-Tier Marks may not have a direct payout, they will still count towards your Weekly Elite Mark Challenges and are extremely useful for completing it promptly. However, beyond the Weekly Challenge, we suggest focussing on Tiers A-SS as they have guaranteed rewards.

Additionally, the regular Guildship Marks (Junior, Associate, and Senior) will reset daily at 08:00 AM (PST) or 11:00 AM (EST). However, the B-Tier Elite Guildship Marks will reset weekly every Tuesday at 01:00 AM (PST) or 04:00 AM (EST), with Tiers A-SS Marks being on a "kill on sight" basis with no weekly or daily reset.

Elite Guildship Mark Information

Much like the Elite Marks found in Shadowbringers, the ones in Endwalker follow the same set of rules. Each Elite Mark will have its own respawn timers, with S/SS-Tier Marks requiring a specific event to trigger before appearing in the world. However, if an S or SS Mark is defeated, it will take quite some time before another one respawns.

Every Elite Mark in Endwalker can be found below, along with their respawn time, location, and their respective tiers. You can also find out how to trigger the formidable S/SS-Tiers, which can be quite challenging in some cases.

Endwalker Elite Guildship Mark – Tier B

Mark NameTierRegionRespawn Timer
Daphnia MagnaBMare Lamentorum5 Seconds
Emperor's RoseBGarlemald5 Seconds
Genesis RockBMare Lamentorum5 Seconds
Green ArchonBLabyrinthos5 Seconds
IravatiBThavnair5 Seconds
Level CheaterBUltima Thule5 Seconds
Oskh RheiBUltima Thule5 Seconds
ShockmawBElpis5 Seconds
Ü-u-ü-uBLabyrinthos5 Seconds
VajrakumaraBThavnair5 Seconds
WarmongerBGarlemald5 Seconds
YumcaxBElpis5 Seconds

Endwalker Elite Guildship Mark – Tier A

Mark NameTierRegionRespawn Timer
AegeirosAGarlemald4-6 Hours
Arch-EtaAUltima Thule4-6 Hours
Fan AilAUltima Thule4-6 Hours
GurangatchAElpis4-6 Hours
HulderALabyrinthos4-6 Hours
Lunatender QueenAMare Lamentorum4-6 Hours
MinervaAGarlemald4-6 Hours
Mousse PrincessAMare Lamentorum4-6 Hours
PetalodusAElpis4-6 Hours
StorsieALabyrinthos4-6 Hours
SugrivaAThavnair4-6 Hours
YilanAThavnair4-6 Hours

Endwalker Elite Guildship Mark – Tier S

Mark NameTierEvent TriggerRegionRespawn Timer
ArmstrongSGarlemaldDie on spawn points while wearing the Mended Imperial Pot Helm and Imperial Short Robe
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenance: 50-80 Hours
Burfurlur the CannySLabyrinthosHave the Tiny Troll minion out on spawn points during Clear/Fair Skies weather during the daytime.
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenance: 50-80 Hours
Narrow-riftSUltima ThuleWith the Wee Ea minion out, have ten people travel over spawn points in the region.
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenance: 50-80 Hours
OphioneusSElpisDismantle x5 Eggs of Elpis (must be in a stack)
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenance: 50-80 Hours
RuminatorSMare LamentorumDefeat x100 Thinkers, x100 Wanderers, and x100 Weepers
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenance: 50-80 Hours
SphatikaSThavnairDefeat x100 Asvattha, x100 Pisaca, and x100 Vajralangua
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenance: 50-80 Hours

Endwalker Elite Guildship Mark – Tier SS

Mark NameTierEvent TriggerRegionRespawn Timer
KerSSDefeating any S-Tier Mark has a chance of spawning in four Ker Shroud enemies. Killing the four Ker Shrouds will make Ker appear.Any Endwalker Region
  • 84-132 Hours
    • Maintenance: 50-80 Hours

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