Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – Sage Council Quest Guide

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is one of the game's longest expansions yet, overflowing with story quests, side quests, and everything in between. One Main Scenario Quest is Sage Council, a level 88 quest in which you must find eight troubled souls around Sharlayan Hamlet in Labyrinthos.

What makes this quest tricky is the addition of various other NPCs in the area that can be spoken to, but do not count towards completing the quest. You'll need to find the eight NPCs who need help from your furry space advisors in order to progress in this quest. To find the correct NPCs and continue in the quest, we are here to help.

Sage Council Quest Guide

To complete this quest, you will need to find eight trouled souls around Sharlayan Hamlet and refer them to a Loporrit who may help aid them. These NPCs are somewhat hidden around the area, standing behind buildings or in out of reach places.

To make things more complicated, there are numerous other NPCs around the area who may seem like they need help, but will not actually progress the quest. Because of this, you may be running around in circles for some time, trying to find the one NPC you missed. Luckily, we are here to help you find the correct NPCs.

Troubled Souls Locations

You can find the exact coordinates for each of the troubled souls listed below. You do not need to talk to any other NPC to complete this quest, despite the 'fake' NPCs having an MSQ quest marker above their heads. Simply talk to the following eight NPCs and you'll be able to complete Sage Council.

Distracted ResearcherX:20.7, Y:18.0
Anxious EngineerX:21.0, Y:20.4
Harried AetherologistX:22.1, Y:20.0
Despondent EngineerX:21.0, Y:21.6
Grimacing NaturalistX:22.3, Y:20.5
Hyperventilating EngineerX:21.5, Y:19.0
Ponderous MathematicianX:22.6, Y:21.0
Skeptical ResearcherX:21.0, Y:22.2

After speaking with the final troubled soul, return to and speak with Urianger to finish Sage Council. You will receive 501,600 EXP and 1,244 gil upon completing this quest, and will gain access to the following Main Scenario Quest, 'Hither and Yarns'.

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