Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – Tracks In The Snow Quest Walkthrough

As you progress through Final Fantasy 14's new Endwalker content, the main scenario quests will have you taking part in a range of activities — from fetch quests to completing dungeons and everything in between. However, there's a certain type of quest that many players find irritating… escort and follow quests.

While escort quests are normally easy to achieve, but slow-going to complete, Endwalker has a follow quest that is besting many a player in the Garlemald region. If you're getting frustrated trying to complete the 'Tracks in the Snow' main scenario quest, this guide will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Where To Hide From The Girl In Green

'Tracks in the Snow' is a Level 82 main scenario quest that you will pick up shortly after reaching the Garlemald region for the first time. After Emmanellain spots a young girl in a green dress, you have to interact with a couple of footprints and your companions before you finally find the girl.

Your next task is to follow her without alerting her to your presence and this is where players are tripping up as it's not quite as easy as it seems. We've got a guide on where to take cover every step of the way right here.

Note: If you are noticed by the girl or fall behind you will automatically fail the quest and must return to the designated location to begin again.

Make sure you stay behind the girl and don't overtake her, then head to the large mound of ice and wait there. The girl will turn around and check her surroundings before continuing onwards, so don't emerge until after she has done this.

Follow her up the slope without overtaking her and quickly hide behind the first tree you come to. Once again, she will turn around and check to see if she is being followed, so wait for her to do this before continuing.

Follow her again and duck behind the rocks to the left of the path while she takes a break. She will turn around and check again, so wait it out before moving up the hill.

Once she starts moving forward again, move towards the next tree to the left of the path and hide behind it. Wait for her to check her surroundings before moving again.

As soon as she starts moving, dart across the path and hide behind the pillar on your right. She will turn around and check to see if she is being followed, after which you can hug the pillars to the right and follow after her as she continues forward.

As she heads up the hill, you'll see your end goal in sight and you can finally be done with this pesky quest.

Upon completion of the quest, you'll earn 462,000 experience points and 1,071 Gil.

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