Final Fantasy 14 Has Made A Major Character’s Death Even More Painful

There are plenty of emotional scenes across all of Final Fantasy 14's expansions, but there's one death scene in Heavensward that players still haven't recovered from. It was traumatic, tears were shed, and hearts were broken, but apparently Square Enix and Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida didn't think it was painful enough, as the scene has now been altered. Consider this your warning that you'll find Heavensward spoilers down below.

Long time fans of the title will know that fan-favorite character Lord Haurchefant protects the Warrior of Light from a surprise attack, but ends up getting fatally skewered by Ser Zephirin in the quest "A Knight's Calling" as a result. It's a pretty sad scene, and Lord Haurchefant's final words of "a smile better suits a hero…" are enough to bring any grizzled player to the brink of tears. However, the scene has now been updated to give players a small sense of hope that he may live, only to have it immediately snatched away.

In the now-updated scene, instead of having a relatively quick death, Alphinaud now attempts to heal Lord Haurchefant with magic before confirming what we all already knew by saying "The wound is too deep. It refuses to mend." Quite why Yoshida has decided to make Lord Haurchefant's death even more depressing over seven years after the release of Heavensward is unknown, although it could be to satisfy fans confused as to why Alphinaud originally didn't even attempt to help him before he died.

In other Final Fantasy 14-related news, a recent patch for the game has made it so less gear is gender-locked, giving players even more clothing to choose from for their Warriors of Light. Patch 6.2 seemed to focus on Stormblood-era gear found on the Online Store, a full list of which you can find here.

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