Final Fantasy 14 Players Are Sharing Horror Stories About The Toxic Housing Market

Final Fantasy 14 players have been stuck in a state of perpetual disarray and disbelief over the housing market ever since the feature was implemented, but the situation seems to have taken a dramatic turn as fans of the franchise have been sharing all sorts of horror stories on social media. While some have been complaining about the sky high prices or the lottery system, others have been coming forward with tall tales about trolls.

The user on Twitter going by the name of Hisoka_Ophion for example recently posted a screenshot showing an Estate Profile with a rather demeaning message in the greeting. The post wound up going viral on the social media platform. “Wasn’t here to buy,” the greeting notes. “Just wanted to see the pool, but your Free Company threatened me relentlessly. Are you laughing now? Proudly paying this subscription to let this rot.”

Players like Hisoka_Ophion were every bit as amused as could be expected. “Didn't know housing had turned into a Capture the Point PVP zone,” Hisoka_Ophion commented about the matter. “Some of these gamers gotta take a chill pill on the house front.”

The problem in this particular case is clearly systemic. Housing plots in Final Fantasy 14 come in three increasingly expensive sizes. Players can purchase outdoor furniture and landscaping in addition to a variety of different amenities including a stable for their Chocobo. These were handed out on a first come, first served basis at the beginning, requiring players to literally plop themselves down in front of a potentially available property and wait for a certain amount of time. The current lottery system was introduced later on to address the continued concerns about a lack of balance between supply and demand. The developer behind Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix, recently reintroduced auto-demolitions following a brief reprieve, meaning that players now have to log into the game at least once every 45 days in order to avoid having their houses automatically demolished.

The developer just added a series of additional housing plots to the game including six regular wards and six subdivisions for a total of 1,800 new properties in total, something which Square Enix hopes will help to alleviate the pressure on players like Hisoka_Ophion. The housing market however remains in chaos, at least for the moment. “Not the only house to do this,” the user on Twitter known as Berneirffxiv replied to Hisoka_Ophion. “Kinda counts as harassment for real and needs to be reported.”

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