Final Fantasy 14: The Qitana Ravel Dungeon Guide

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The Qitana Ravel is a level 75 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers. Deep in the Ronkan ruins of the Rak'tika Greatwood, a Lightwarden is rumored to reside. You and your allies will need to delve into the depths of these ancient ruins and defeat the evil that waits there.

The Qitana Ravel is home to a plethora of dangerous creatures and ancient Ronkan devices. You'll need to read carefully if you want to make it out of this dungeon in one piece. Let's go over each boss you'll encounter inside the Qitana Ravel, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock The Qitana Ravel

The Qitana Ravel is unlocked through the following Main Scenario Quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest 'The Burden of Knowledge'
    • NPC Location: Almet – The Rak'tika Greatwood (X:30.5, Y:17.4)

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    During the first section of the Qitana Ravel, you will face two mini-bosses; the Ronkan Dreamers. These enemies will use the statues on the surrounding walls to use line AoEs across the area. Hide behind the broken walls to avoid these AoEs. You'll be able to determine which statues will fire a line AoE by looking at their eyes; the statues with glowing eyes will attack. The second Ronkan Dreamer you fight will have statues on either sides of the walls, so you will need to determine which side will attack and hide behind the necessary rock wall.

    As with other Shadowbringers story dungeons, you can enter the Qitana Ravel with Trust allies. While they are significantly slower at completing the dungeon than a group of human players, they will be able to teach you the mechanics of each boss, making Trusts a great option on your first run of the dungeon.


    The first boss of the Qitana Ravel is Lozatl. This boss will use various positional-based attacks, so watch your surroundings. Each of Lozatl's attacks are listed below.

    • Stonefist: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive abilities as necessary.
    • Sun Toss: Targets a random player with a circular AoE attack. Move out of the AoE indicator to avoid.
    • Lozatl's Scorn: One of the statues in the back of the arena will begin to glow purple. After a short delay, the statue will emit a high damage AoE to that half of the arena. Watch the statues in the back of the arena and move accordingly.
    • Heat Up: Lozatl will begin to charge up his arm and shoulder in preparation for his next attack, Lozatl's Fury.
    • Lozatl's Fury: Lozatl will move to the center of the arena and turn in a random direction. Then, after a short delay, he will deal damage to half of the arena, as indicated by the glowing side of his body from Heat Up. Watch as Lozatl turns to determine the safe area for this attack.
      • Later in the fight, Lozatl will combine Lozatl's Scorn and Fury, causing two large overlapping AoEs to occur. Find the safe area where the AoEs do not intersect to avoid both of these attacks.

      Lozatl will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. The main thing to watch out for are Lozatl's Scorn and Fury attacks, as you will need to pay close attention to the boss and back of the arena to avoid them.


      The second boss of the Qitana Ravel is Batsquatch. This large bat will use high damage AoE attacks, so Healers should be ready to recover the party's health. Each of Batsquatch's attacks and mechanics are listed below.

      • Ripper Fang: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate.
      • Soundwave: Deals moderate damage to all party members. Use AoE heals and shields to recover.
      • Subsonics: Batsquatch will repeatedly deal low damage to all party members and cause rocks to fall from the ceiling, creating small AoE circles around the arena. Additionally, large Pillars will fall and remain on the field.
        • Soundwave and Pillars: After Subsonics is finished casting, Batsquatch will follow up with Soundwave, which will cause the persisting Pillars to fall over, dealing near-lethal damage to players standing under them. The Pillars will always fall towards the center of the arena, making the edges of the arena a good spot to avoid them.

        Batsquatch will repeat these attacks until is defeated. As the fight progresses, Subsonics will last longer and more Pillars will fall during the attack. Remember that the Pillars will always fall towards the center of the arena and you'll be able to avoid them.


        The final boss of the Qitana Ravel is Eros. This Cerberus-shaped Lightwarden will leap around the arena and use various elemental attacks. Each of the mechanics present in this fight are listed below.

        • Rend: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate the damage of this attack.
        • Hound out of Heaven: Targets a random non-Tank player and tethers to them, indicating that Eros will soon leap towards them and deal damage. Move far enough away from the boss so that the tether turns purple to avoid also being inflicted with Vulnerability Up.
        • Glossolalia: Deals damage to all party members. Recover with AoE heals.
        • Viper Poison: Eros will create several circle AoEs around the arena. When the AoEs explode, they will leave behind a puddle of poison. Entering these poison puddles will inflict the Poison debuff, dealing damage over time. Later in the fight, Eros will also target one to two players with poison AoEs, dropping a puddle on their position. These puddles will persist on the arena until after Eros uses Heaving Breath.

        • Inhale: After casting Viper Poison, Eros will jump to the back of the arena and begin charging Inhale, which will pull all party members to Eros. Immediately after, Eros will use Heaving Breath.
        • Heaving Breath: Pushes all players towards the front of the arena in a straight line. Before Heaving Breath activates, you will need to position yourself so that you aren't pushed into any of the poison puddles. Look for a gap between puddles and move to align yourself to avoid them. After you are pushed, the poison puddles will disappear.
        • Confession of Faith: Eros will move to one side of the arena and begin charging one of two attacks, detailed below.
          • Lightning Breath: Two of Eros's heads will begin charging with electricity, and a random player will be targeted with a stack marker. After a short delay, the charged heads will deal high damage on either side of the boss, leaving the area immediately in front of Eros safe. Move in front of the boss and group up with the stack marked player to spread out the damage of the AoE.
          • Fire Breath: Eros's middle head will begin charging with fire, and two random players will be targeted with an AoE marker. After a short delay, Eros will deal damage to the area immediately in front of him, while the two AoE markers will explode. Move to either side of the boss and spread out to avoid overlapping the AoE markers.

          Eros will repeat these attacks until they are defeated. As the fight progresses, Eros will use these attacks more frequently, and more players will be targeted during Viper Poison. Try to group the poison puddles together to create more gaps between them for Heaving Breath. Defeat Eros and the Qitana Ravel will be complete.

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