Final Fantasy 16’s Main Story Will Take Around 40 Hours To Complete

Final Fantasy 16 director Hiroshi Takai has revealed that the game will take between 30-to-40 hours to finish the main story, with 100 percent completion reportedly taking more than 70 hours.

Over the past few days, the Final Fantasy 16 team has taken part in a few different interviews, giving us some brand-new information on the game's story, how far along in development it is, and, unfortunately, a pretty awful answer as to why it doesn't have much representation for Black people.

Alongside revealing that the game's development is almost complete and that the release date should be getting announced by next month, the interviews also gave us a good idea of how long Final Fantasy 16 is planned to be. As pointed out by Twitter user aitaikimochi, Italian gaming site EveryEye asked how long the game would be and director Hiroshi Takai gave an estimate, both for a normal run and one for 100 percent completion.

Takai said, "By dedicating yourself solely to the story, you could complete the game in about 35-40 hours. The question mentions the post-game, but the truth is that during the campaign there will be a lot of optional content to explore already during the first playthrough. You can experience most of these without having to complete Final Fantasy 16 first. At the moment we do not have a precise estimate, but by completing the various secondary contents, the overall longevity should reach the threshold of around 70 hours."

Although a 40-hour completion time for a normal run that can then be bolstered by 30 more hours for 100 percent seems pretty beefy as it is, Takai also revealed that Final Fantasy 16 will launch with a New Game Plus mode, one that the team encourages players to try out.

On New Game Plus, Takai said, "Once the game is over, there will obviously be the New Game +, which will offer you the opportunity to re-face the story with more powerful enemies… It would make me really happy if players put themselves to the test with New Game + and show extreme gameplay in live streams!"

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