Final Fantasy 5 Pixel Remaster: How To Learn Every Blue Magic Spell

Although it's been known by many names – Lore, Enemy Skill, even Ronso Rage – Blue Magic has been an integral part of Final Fantasy since it first popped up in Final Fantasy 5. Now that the Pixel Remaster is upon us, gamers old and new can enjoy the origins of this strange set of skills.

Blue Mages are students and practitioners of many of the offensive and defensive abilities that enemies utilize in battle. In some cases, all it takes for your scholarly squires to learn a new spell is to get struck by it at random and survive to tell the tale. In other instances, a Beastmaster must use Control on the foe so that they can be compelled to use something beneficial on your Blue Mage, rather than themselves.

Many of the skills exclusive to Blue Magic are among the best in the game, not to mention the most stylish. But finding them all can be a real pain, to the point that some elect to skip the Blue Mage job class altogether. That's fair! The process does take some time. But with our guide at your side, you'll cut down on tedium considerably.

Every Blue Magic Spell In Final Fantasy 5

The following list contains every Blue Magic spell in FF5 sorted (roughly) in order of potential acquisition. The earliest enemy you can learn the spell from will be bolded so that you know who to look for first.

If you're past the point that a certain enemy can be fought, don't fret; just look for another foe with that self-same know-how. Even if you should happen to miss out on multiple chances to learn a spell, Azulmagia, a late-game boss, knows nearly all of them. You'll note, then, that her name will pop up often on the list.

We've also taken the liberty of letting you know when an enemy must be coerced into using a Blue Magic spell on you by way of the Beastmaster's Control command. That way, you're not sitting around for half an hour wondering why that pesky Vilia refuses to use Pond's Chorus.

Spell NameEarliest AcquisitionMonsters Who Use It By DefaultMonsters Who Must Be Controlled
Goblin PunchBlack Goblin in Wind ShrineGoblin, Black Goblin, Gilgamesh, AzulmagiaSahagin
AeroMoldwynd in Wind ShrineMoldwynd, Gigas, Magissa, AzulmagiaDefeater
VampireSteel Bat in Pirates' HideoutSteel Bat, Blood Slime, Abductor, Python, Mercury Bat, Zombie Dragon, AzulmagiaAchelon, Dechirer
FlashHeadstone on North Mountain (must give it an Ether)Headstone, Crew Dust, Ramuh, Gilgamesh, Necrophobe, AzulmagiaOrukat, Stone Mask
Pond's ChorusElf Toad in Walse TowerArcheotoad, Kornago, Gilgamesh, Lemure, AzulmagiaVilia
Moon FluteJackanapes in Walse TowerJackanape, Page 256, MykaleN/A
?????Wild Nakk in Karnak's forestsWild Nakk, Tyrannosaur, Kuza Beast, Behemoth, AzulmagiaKing Behemoth, Mecha Head
Self DestructMotor Trap in Fire-Powered ShipMotor Trap, Bomb, Grenade, Purobolos, GilgameshPrototype, Unknown
AeraGigas in Karnak CastleGigas, Enchanted Fan, Page 32, Abductor, Gilgamesh, AzulmagiaGalajelly
Death ClawIron Claw in Karnak CastleIron Claw, Soul Eater, Treant, AzulmagiaStrapparer
Aqua BreathDhorme Chimera in the desert outside Library of AncientsDhorme Chimera, Manticore, Leviathan, Gogo, AzulmagiaAquagel
TransfusionMythril DragonN/AMythril Dragon, Gargoyle, Devilfish, Birosetris, Mover
MissileMotor Trap in Fire-Powered ShipPrototype, Rocket Launcher, Mecha Head, Soul Cannon, Gilgamesh, AzulmagiaMotor Trap
Level 5 DeathPage 64 in Library of AncientsPage 64, Level Checker, Executor, AzulmagiaLevel Tricker
Off GuardPage 256 in Library of AncientsMagic Dragon, Ushabti, Ziggurat Gigas, AzulmagiaPage 256
Magic HammerByblos in Library of AncientsByblos, Apanda, AzulmagiaCursed Being
Dark SparkBlack Flame near Crescent TownBlack Flame, Strapparer, AzulmagiaDruid, Shadow
FlamethrowerPrototype near Crescent TownPrototype, Mecha Head, Soul Cannon, Triton, Omega, AzulmagiaMindflayer
White WindEnchanted Fan in Ronka RuinsN/AEnchanted Fan, Hellraiser, White Flame, Parthenope, Necromancer, Azulmagia
1000 NeedlesLamia in Ronka RuinsLamia Queen, AzulmagiaLamia, Hedgehog, Cactus, Mykale, Lemure
Level 4 GravigaGhidra in Ronka RuinsGhidra, Level Checker, Executor, AzulmagiaLevel Tricker
Time SlipTraveler in Barrier TowerTraveler, Gilgamesh, AzulmagiaMykale
Level 3 FlareRed Dragon in Barrier TowerLevel Checker, Executor, Tunneler, Shinryu, ExdeathRed Dragon
Level 2 OldLevel Tricker at Barrier TowerLevel Checker, Magic Dragon, Executor, Azulmagia, ShinryuLevel Tricker
AerogaMetamorph in Ghido's CaveMetamorph, Magic Dragon, Baldanders, Grand Aevis, ExdeathCherie, Ziggurat Gigas
Lilliputian LyricMini MagicianMini Magician, Cherie, Farfarello, Gilgamesh, AzulmagiaVilia, Mykale
DoomJackanapesDeath Dealer, ExdeathJackanapes, The Damned
RouletteParthenope in Phoenix TowerParthenope, Death Dealer, Shinryu, AzulmagiaN/A
Mind BlastMindflayer in Island ShrineMindflayer, Wendigo, Twintania, AzulmagiaN/A
Mighty GuardStingray near Sunken TowerN/AStingray, Ironclad, Azulmagia, Shinryu

What Are The Best Blue Magic Spells?

It's possible that you only want to add the very best Blue Magic to your spellbook. In which case, strongly consider going after the following:

  • Mighty Guard casts Protect, Shell, and Float on the entire party. An incredible defensive maneuver.
  • White Wind restores a solid chunk of HP for everybody at a slim MP cost.
  • Aeroga is one of only two high-damage Wind-elemental attacks you can learn; the other one is the Syldra summoned monster's Thunderstorm ability.
  • Level 3 Flare, Level 4 Graviga, and Level 5 Death are all well worth casting whenever an enemy fits the bill. Flare is quite powerful, Graviga is capable of shredding 75 percent of an enemy's HP in an instant, and Death… tends to kill things.
  • 1000 Needles will always strike your foe for 1000 damage and it's available as early as the Ronka Ruins. That gives it a lengthy usability tail before 1000 isn't so large a number anymore.
  • Dark Spark cuts the target's level in half, which means every stat is affected considerably. Though it doesn't work on most bosses, some of FF5's latter regular opponents are irritating enough that Dark Spark never entirely loses its spark.

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