Final Fantasy 7 Modders Are Adding Voice Acting To The Original

You can forgive the original Final Fantasy 7 for not having voices for its characters. The game had four jam-packed discs on the original PlayStation, and there just weren’t enough bits left on any of the CDs for voice files. But now we’re in the future of solid-state hard drives with oodles of gigabytes to spare on advanced audio compression, so a fully-voiced Final Fantasy 7 is suddenly a possibility.

Enter Tsunamods, a group of modders that have done pretty much everything possible to the original Final Fantasy 7 from upscaling the game's textures to overhauling its sound effects. Now Tsunamods is gearing up for its most ambitious mod project to date: Echo S7, a mod that gives voices to every character in the game.

Everyone from Cid to Sephiroth has every written line fully voiced, and even some unwritten lines too. Cloud will grunt during his attacks, taunt his foes before unleashing his Cross-Slash Limit Break, and shouts as he tumbles from the top of Midgar to the slums below.

Cid sounds just as rough-and-tumble as you'd expect, while Cait Sith has a Scottish accent (likely owing to the Celtic name). Red XIII has a bit of a Native American vibe, which makes sense given his origins, while Vincent is far more talkative than you'd expect for someone who barely has a written word in the original.

"I am so so proud to be a part of this," wrote AlchemicWaking, the voice of Tifa in Echo S7. "Will never be able able to thank you enough for having me as Tifa. I can't believe I got to experience a game that's meant so much to me from childhood as her the entire way through. Among such an outstanding cast and team. Everything and everyone sounds amazing here and I can't wait for people to get to play this!"

Echo S7 releases on the Tsunamods site on January 13. As a mod, you'll need the original Final Fantasy 7 to make it work.

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