Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Avengers release dates DELAYED in more bad news for fans

The Avengers game, on the other hand, is one of those weird instances of a secret being well-known. It has yet to be shown at any point and the details could be pretty much anything from it being a movie tie-in to it being the beginning of a brand new MCU but for games, an MGU, if you will. 

While it is sure to star everyone’s favourite characters the specifics are completely unknown at present. It does seem a lot like the game could be a games-as-a-service style multiplayer experience though just based on the logical choices you could make with the franchise. 

With both being so far off, it could well be that all we get this year at E3 is more trailers. However, it could well be that we will be shown more than we are expecting.

Maybe we could see some actual gameplay of both for once, rather than being left to analyse each frame in a fast-paced trailer. Either way, we will find out next month at E3.

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