Final Fantasy Crisis Core Reunion’s DMW Doesn’t Interrupt Gameplay Anymore

Gameplay of Final Fantasy Crisis Core Reunion shown at Tokyo Game Show has revealed that the DMW system will no longer interrupt gameplay to show status effects, and that players can also skip cutscenes that trigger because of it.

One of the most polarising elements of Crisis Core is also one of its core mechanics – the DMW system. This mechanic basically acts like a slot machine, using Zack's memories of other characters to randomly give the player special buffs and abilities. The random nature of the DMW system is just one reason why it divides players so much, but it's also controversial because it slows down gameplay every time a roll is completed and also has long cutscenes for special attacks.

Thankfully, despite Square Enix deciding to keep the DMW system intact for Crisis Core Reunion, it's made some much-needed adjustments to the system to keep it from interrupting gameplay too much. As revealed by gameplay footage that was debuted after Tokyo Game Show, any buffs that you get from the DMW will now just flash up on the HUD instead of interrupting gameplay to be revealed.

Skills will now also be stored in the bottom right corner of the screen and be available for use at any time, sort of like how Situation Commands worked in Kingdom Hearts 3. The final cherry on top of the cake that is the reworked DMW system is that players can now also skip any of the cutscenes that play from using these special moves, allowing them to instantly see the effects instead of watching the same cutscene over and over again.

All of these features combine to make the DMW much less intrusive than it once was, which should help it be a bit more fondly looked upon by players. It's still very luck-based, as highlighted by lead features editor Jade King in her preview of the game earlier this week, but at least it won't be taking up so much time.

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