Final Fantasy: The Most Breathtaking Locations In The Games, Ranked

Over its lifespan, Final Fantasy has transported you to many breathtaking locations. The fantasy nature of the series has allowed Square Enix to create worlds unlike anything in the real world. Whether magical vistas that look like something out of your dreams or a relaxing seaside town, the Final Fantasy series has a location for either end of the spectrum.

Lots of careful consideration goes into designing these environments, and it shows in their beautiful details and awe-inspiring finish. These locations are ones you’ll definitely want to take the time to explore, taking in all the finer aspects of the best places the series has to offer.

10 Bring Your Hat And Gloves: Narshe (Final Fantasy 6)

This coal mining town is found on the northern edge of the world and withstands invasion attempts from the Gestahlian Empire, thanks to its harsh and snowy conditions. When it comes to the location’s design, the town’s constant snowfall works in its favor too, creating a homely, wintry landscape.

This location has remained so memorable because it’s your introduction to the world of Final Fantasy 6. If this game ever gets the same treatment as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it would be great to see this town reimagined and expanded on even further.

9 It’ll Lure You In: Fisherman’s Horizon (Final Fantasy 8)

The fishing town to end all fishing towns, Fisherman’s Horizon is located in the middle of the ocean, bisecting the world into two parts. This pacifist town couldn’t be more different from the military-based Gardens, refusing to use weapons to resolve their disputes.

The peaceful nature of this town is echoed through its architecture which mostly uses recycled materials, as well as the fact that it’s powered by windmills and solar panels. Built on the old railroad station, the structure of the ruins still remains, giving it a distinctive appearance.

8 A Cosmic Experience: Cosmo Canyon (Final Fantasy 7)

Home to Red XIII, also known as Nanaki, this location in Final Fantasy 7 stands apart from the rest because of its unique layout. The settlements in Cosmo Canyon are largely found within caves that can be accessed using stone steps that connect the town’s different levels.

The rock plateau at this location gives it a distinct design unlike any other in the game. The observatory is a notable location to visit when at Cosmo Canyon, sitting at the top of the rock plateau. Here, you can gaze upon the holographic stars at the planetarium and consider your place in the universe.

7 Deep In The Forest: Eruyt Village (Final Fantasy 12)

The Viera are a race of people deeply connected to the forest. Hidden away from civilization, the Viera prefer a reclusive lifestyle, living among the lush greenery. One such location where they live is Eruyt Village, the birthplace of the Sky Pirate, Fran.

The Viera refer to the village as a living being and revere its natural beauty. It’s clear to see why the Viera treasure the village and its surrounding forest so much, as its wooden architecture is perfect for those hoping to connect more closely with nature.

6 On Cloud Nine: Bhujerba (Final Fantasy 12)

The Skycity of Bhujerba is located in Ivalice in Final Fantasy 12 and acts as an airship docking port. Bhujerba joins the likes of other iconic floating cities in video games, such as Skyloft from Skyward Sword and the Kingdom of Zeal from Chrono Trigger, exploring the limits of fantasy location design.

Nestled within the clouds, Bhujerba isn’t the ideal tourist destination for those with a fear of heights, but it’s easy to imagine walking its narrow streets and gazing at the spectacular view. Bhujerba is the perfect example of the heights video games can reach.

5 Land Of Waterfalls: Altissia (Final Fantasy 15)

Inspired by Venice, Italy, the gorgeous city of Altissia is surrounded by water, meaning you’ll have to use a gondola to get around its various locales. The large scale of this city means you may get lost exploring its winding streets, but a trip will never be a waste of your time as you soak up this beautiful metropolis.

Altissia perfectly marries real-world inspiration with the fantasy elements the series is known for, resulting in a breathtaking location that you’ll want to come back to again and again.

4 Seaside Escape: Balamb Town (Final Fantasy 8)

From the first note of Balamb Town’s theme, Breezy, you know what you’re in for with this location. This idyllic coastal town is the perfect tourist destination for those wanting to escape the harsh reality of being a SeeD.

Although a smaller location in the game, Balamb Town captures the essence of a quieter life. It’s easy to imagine visiting Balamb Town, feeling the sea breeze on the pier, and challenging people to a game of Triple Triad. The incredible music score and art direction of this little town definitely set it apart from the likes of the bustling Deling City.

3 City Out Of A Fairytale: Lindblum (Final Fantasy 9)

One of the central locations in Final Fantasy 9, this stunning city is home to Regent Cid and the grandeur of its regal history is present in each detail of the city. The brick pathways of this city look as if they’ve been pulled directly from a fairy tale, and Lindblum Castle takes this atmosphere to another level.

The largest city in the game, this location is split into four districts, and is most well known for hosting the annual Festival of the Hunt. This town represents what makes Final Fantasy 9 so special, drawing directly from the game’s return to the series’ fantasy roots.

2 The Location Of Tidus’ Dreams: Zanarkand (Final Fantasy 10)

There are two Zanarkands – the real Zanarkand that was annihilated by Sin and the dream Zanarkand that was created by the memories of those who lived there before it was destroyed. Each version of this location has its own highlights, but it’s the spectral beauty of the destroyed Zanarkand that stands apart, holding the spirits of those who lived there.

The continuous music that plays in this area, the theme ‘Fleeting Dream’, adds to the melancholic atmosphere of this location. Although it has since fallen into ruin, the glowing lights and vast night sky make Zanarkand one of the most memorable and important places in Final Fantasy 10.

1 Unforgettable: Memoria (Final Fantasy 9)

​​​​​​​Memoria is brought to life not just by the party’s memories, but by the memories of the entire planet. The surrealist nature of this dungeon is a perfect send-off to the story of Final Fantasy 9, helping to give context to the history of Gaia.

Memoria is less of a physical location and more of a representation of Gaia as a whole. The gothic architecture speaks of its ancient roots and shrouds the location in mystery. Although a far cry from the whimsical cities of the rest of the game, Memoria is still important because of what it means for the game’s ending.

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