Fire Emblem Engage: How To Recruit Every DLC Wave 1 Emblem Ring

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  • Finding The Rivals Emblem: Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude
  • Recruiting The Divine Dragon Emblem, Tiki

Available from Day One, Fire Emblem: Engage's first wave of DLC is accessible to all players who purchase the Expansion Pass (as are all future waves). This wave of DLC comes with an assortment of goodies, and there are certainly a number of perks for the dedicated player. But none are so useful or so game-changing as the addition of two Emblem Bracelets.

Wave One introduces the return of the lovable ancient dragon, Tiki, and the three squabbling Officers' Academy students, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. They are incredibly powerful assets to have at your disposal, even offering you a huge boost in the dreaded "Chapter 10." Thankfully, acquiring them isn't too difficult.

Finding The Rivals Emblem: Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude

The Rival Emblem is by far the easier of the two bracelets to acquire. The only requirement for the Rivals Emblem is to have completed Chapter Six, Yunaka and Micaiah's introductory chapter. After completing this chapter, you'll need to return to the Somniel.

On the south side of your map, you should find a location known as "Lookout Ridge."

Walking further into this location after either traveling by foot or fast travelling, you'll be shown a small cutscene where Vander will accompany you in finding the bracelet. Afterward, your protagonist shall summon the Emblem and have a quick, humorous chat before receiving their aid for free.

Once this cutscene is over, you'll be able to open the Emblem Rings menu to equip them to any unit of your choosing, fight them in the Arena, and use all mechanics (except the Bond Rings) in the Ring Chamber.

Recruiting The Divine Dragon Emblem, Tiki

Unfortunately, recruting Tiki is not as easy as the previous Emblem, and her paralogue remains one of the hardest early-game maps in Engage. In order to unlock the right to challenge her paralogue, you'll need to have completed Chapter Six, same as with the Rival Emblem. When returning to the map after the chapter is completed, you will see your map expand in two directions: onward to Chapter Seven in the north and then a path to the west that includes one battle map and then a long path south to an island. Take the west path toward the Divine Paralogues Island.

This battle map along the path in the west is Anna's paralogue, but it does not need to be completed to challenge Tiki. In fact, you can walk and sail right past it to the Paralogue Island.

The first and only available Paralogue at this point is Tiki's Paralogue at Dragon Temple: "The Ancestor." Unlike the other maps in the overworld, Tiki's paralogue does not come with a level recommendation. This is because the paraolgue scales with your adventure (each enemy scaling up approximately two levels for every completed chapter). As a result, there is no point in waiting until later chapters to become stronger as the map will only increase in difficulty the longer you wait.

However, it may be worth it to wait to challenge Tiki's Paralogue until after completing Chapter Seven and recruiting Alcryst. Archers will be a huge asset against the draconic enemies in her map.

Outside The Dragon Temple – Battle


3x Martial Monk (Silence), 1x Axe Fighter, 3x Thief, 3x Lance Fighter, 4x Axe Fighter, 9x Phantom Wyvern, 6x Mage, 1x Sword Fighter, 2x Sword Armor, 2x Axe Cavaliers, 1x Archer, 1x Axe Armor, 1 Martial Monk (Rewarp), 2 Lance Cavaliers, 1x Tiki

*Stark changes based on level & difficulty; enemy number increased on higher difficulties, classes and levels upgrade depending on chapter

Deployment Allowance

8 Units

Victory Conditions / Defeat Conditions

Victory: Defeat Emblem Tiki

Defeat: Alear is defeated


2,000GP (North Chest), Warp staff (West Chest on the right), Rescue staff (West Chest on the left)


★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)

Top Recommended Units

Alcryst, Etie, Yunaka, Chloe, Clanne (Lvl 6+), Celine

The first phase of the battle will require you to strategize your unit placement before battle, protecting your slower and squishier units (especially your archers) from the thief units placed close to your starting point. You'll need to beware of the Axe Fighter (a back-up unit) that can allow them to Chain Attack you and the monk up above who can Silence your mages on Turn One if you don't move them out of range on start.

The enemies on the far right side of the map will start advancing toward you as you near the central temple with the exception of the Martial Monk on the far tower that will neither move nor pose any sort of threat toward your advance outside or inside the temple. Vanquish them, baiting them forward to deal with them without triggering the Wyvern waiting for you in the central temple.

Entering The Temple

As you enter the temple, you'll become aware of two threats:

  1. Phantom Wyvern Fabrications
  2. Ice tiles

On one hand, the Phantom Wyverns ignore all defense and resistance when attacking and leave a unit they successfully hit in combat they initiated with the "Freeze" status condition. On the other hand, all units have increased mobility when starting their turn on an Ice tile (including your enemies). When entering the temple, you'll need to sometimes bait them forward with the unit who either has the highest avoidance or the highest HP. Once forward, you can use archers to snipe them out of the air.

Defensively, Alcryst is the better archer for this map with his ability to survive one hit from a frozen breath. However, he requires two hits to down any of the Phantom Wyverns on his turn and typically cannot kill them in return

.Offensively, Etie is the superior archer for her ability to first-turn one shot any enemy she's facing with a high-critical chance; the downside is that most hits will in-turn one-shot her, making her a liability for any minor mistake.

Either bring both archers or invest in covering for one of their weakness (increasing Alcryst's damage output or Etie's defensive capabilities).

You can bait the mages in the east and west corridors through the walls as well as the mages up ahead to the north side of the map without procc'ing the wyverns. Eliminate them before dealing with the wyverns in order to lower the amount of damage you'll take in one turn and allow you to focus on the more concerning draconic enemies.

For this purpose, Chloe shines here with her high resistance. Equipping her with a Javelin and placing her within 2 spaces of Alcryst (giving her a bonus to her follow-up attack damage) will allow her to 2x the mages without taking much damage.

After engaging with the farthest wyvern in the central chamber, reinforcements from the center-south side of the map will begin. These will always spawn one Phantom Wyvern and two random enemies. They will continue to spawn every other turn so long as their preceding wave of reinforcements has been defeated. Therefore, it is best to either continue onward in a turtle formation, covering two angles, or to split your forces into two groups of four to have one party exploring the temple while the other camps the respawn spot to ensure you're not flanked during your siege.

Opening Tiki's Room

In order to open Tiki's boss room, you'll need to activate two sigils. The first is in the north-most room behind two treasure chests and guarded by a Rewarp-Monk and an axe-armored unit. Defeat these two enemies. You can activate the sigil here to open the door to the west room after opening the chest, but it's recommended to wait with activating it until you've dealt with some of the enemies in the West Hall first to avoid being overwhelmed.

After activating the sigils (each time), more ice tiles will be placed. Beware of enemy units that might have increased mobility.

Once you've activated the first sigil, you'll need to head toward the second in the west corridor. You'll need to do a lot of what you've done thusfar: baiting and attacking. Use a tank/avoid unit to draw units down the hallway before attacking them in the central heart chamber. Once the enemies are dealt with, you can raid the chamber in the central hall.

It is recommended to raid the chests first and to send your most mobile units into this room as activating the sigil will allow all the enemies in Tiki's room to pour out. Likewise, it will spawn three additional Phantom Wyverns on the south side of the map that can flank you and cause significant trouble. To avoid them being a hassle, either keep your archers on their spawn point to deal with them, or ignore them and head straight for Tiki (since Tiki is the only enemy that needs to be defeated to win).

Fighting Tiki

Tiki is a little tricky to fight thanks to her versatility, large HP pool, and unique ability to keep re-applying resurrection stones onto allies, extending their HP an extra bar after death. Additionally, the Maddening route sometimes bugs and disallows Tiki to venture beyond her room once a certain turn-count has been reached, making dealing with her in such closed quarters a hassle as she'll keep adding resurrection stones to the frost-breath-spamming wyvern directly in front of her.

Archers will have to deal the bulk of the damage, using Alear's unique ability to get extra damage where necessary. Mages here are practically worthless against Tiki with her high resistance, so they're best used for crowd controlling the cavalry units that escort her. Hopefully, your high mobility units should also return from the far chamber by the first or second round of engagement to assist in dealing with her. In most cases, Alear is a handicap here with their low HP and lacking access to exceptional weapons, so they're best used for finishing blows and positioning them in places where their unique ability can add damage to other attacking allies.

You'll need to be extra cautious to not let any allies fall to Tiki as there's a chance she will have attacked with her Fog Breath. Her Fog Breath casts an area of fog in a cone in the direction she attacked, giving an avoidance bonus for both you and all enemy units that stand within the affected tiles. For the most part, this is a hindrance as she will generally move into the Fog Tiles on the following turn (provided she continues to live) and make it more difficult for your archers to do their jobs.

You can ignore the enemy units here if you're confident your group can defeat Tiki in a single turn since the Victory Condition only includes Tiki's defeat. Any extra defeated enemy units should either be for EXP grinding or in the case that you cannot remove Tiki in one turn, to prevent multiple unit attacks in their next phase.

Once you defeat Tiki here, you'll receive her Emblem Bracelet and be able to equip her to your units in all following battles (even during and after the dreaded Chapter 10).

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