Fix For Taz’s Tornado Coming To MultiVersus This Tuesday

MultiVersus' director Tony Huynh has confirmed that Taz's infamous tornado special will be adjusted this coming Tuesday.

MultiVersus is currently nearing the end of its early access open beta stage and although most of the reactions to the game so far have been incredibly positive, there are a few balancing issues and glitches that need sorting out. By far the most infamous of these is Taz's side special, a tornado that can absolutely decimate players at middling percentages, making fighting him a chore.

The tornado is easily the most negatively received part of MultiVersus so far and following Tony Huynh confirming that the team was aware of the issue and looking into it last week, the director has now confirmed that the fix will be going live this coming Tuesday, July 26. If that date seems familiar to you, that's because it's also the day that LeBron James will be coming to the game. It seems that his arrival is being treated as a chance to patch and update the game as well.

When being asked about the tornado on Twitter, Huynh simply said, "Tornado is getting addressed on Tuesday". Although we now at least know when a fix is coming for the issue, we don't actually know what's been done about it just yet and likely won't until the day the update drops. Whether it's the knockback being adjusted or the tornado itself being given some kind of recovery time, it looks like Taz mains won't be finding things quite as easy in just two days.

Another commonly reported issue with MultiVersus at present is a glitch that can happen with Batman when he grapples onto other players, occasionally sending him flying out of bounds. Sadly, it seems like it might just miss being included in this update as Tony Huynh said this when asked about it on Twitter, "It’s a more difficult issue, we’re looking at it, but it’ll require a lot of testing. I’m hoping we can slip it in".

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