Food Truck That Lets You Play Mario Kart While You Wait Raises Hygiene Concerns

We all hate waiting in line, especially when we're hungry, veering into hangry territory. One food truck owner has found a solid solution: letting their customers play some Mario Kart while their order is made. It's an awesome idea, but there's one thing on everyone's mind: how sticky are those controllers?

A picture of the food truck was shared to Reddit, where people are pretty enamoured by the solution to long wait times. The minutes seem to tick by even more slowly when you're waiting for food, so distracting hungry customers with something fun and competitive is a great move.

One thread begins with the comment, "Sounds fun until you work there and realize how little the controllers get sanitized," from Sl1mecore. Steveosek replied, "I remember game systems being set up in McDonald's, blockbuster, the dentist office, etc.. Even as a kid it felt icky holding those controllers but I had to do it lol."

Despite the realisation that the controllers would probably be filthy, one committed gamer wrote, "I'd still probably play…" So would I, but now I'll make sure to use some hand sanitsier before I pick up my food. Noivad, perhaps a little too enthusiastically wrote, "True gamers lick the controller before they play. ;)"

One naive yet beautiful soul asked, "Does no one know how to wash their hands," to which the response was another question, "Have you seen the general public's hands"? I can attest that the general public does not know how to was their hands. Even in the midst of a pandemic, I still see people frequently leave public toilets without washing their hands. Horrifying.

Steveosk was back on the thread, adding, "Last time I was at a casino, I counted 11 people leaving the [rest]room without washing their hands while I was there." TheBosworth had a realisation due to the thread, "It has suddenly dawned on me why I was sick so often as a kid, combined with those quarter machines and rides."

One commenter, Cup-of-Noodle, doesn't get what all the fuss is about. "I don't know why people get so weird about a controller being sanitized. It's not different than anything in public you touch all day… doorknobs, handles to literally anything, etc. If you're that concerned about a damn game control an not the other things everyone touches probably even more it's just weird."

They have a point, but I guess the main difference here is you're just about to eat, and food trucks don't often have toilets around for you to wash your hands in, so you've got to make sure you're using some hand sanitizer or taking the food home so you can wash your mitts before you dig in. Or, more likely, you'll let your food go cold as you stand there for hours trying to beat somebody else's lap time.

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