Former ArenaNet Exec Mike Ferguson Forms New Studio, Announces First Game

Mike ‘HippieJesus’ Ferguson, a former executive with Mythic Entertainment and ArenaNet, recently announced the formation of a brand new video game development studio named Jump Back Studios. In the same announcement, Ferguson also revealed the studio’s first video game currently in development, an online roleplaying game titled Gods and Legends Unite.

Both entities are so new, in fact, that neither seems to have an official logo or artwork as of this writing. The studio seemingly doesn’t have any social media presence as of yet, but thankfully does have a website, which is where the official announcement was made. In the announcement, Ferguson is quoted as saying they’ve been working on the project alone for some time, and that “I am incredibly happy to be officially announcing it along with my return to game development.” The game Game and Legends Unite (GLU) is something they’ve been wanting to develop for a long time, and that more info will be released over the coming months as they work to build the studio’s team.

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