Fortnite: All Chapter 3 Season 4 Milestone Quests

Done with all the other quests? It's time to jump on the Milestone quests! There are tons and tons of different Fortnite quests — there is something for everyone, and it's unlikely that you'll get bored with them. Weekly quests have been a tradition since the very start of the game; however, now there are even more types of quests to make sure you manage to complete the Battle Pass.

This guide will talk about Milestone quests — quests that reward you with XP simply for completing tasks that you will naturally progress through with regular gameplay.

Milestone Quests

Milestone quests aren't meant to be completed in a day or a week, just like their description reads, they're "season-long goals to strive for". Each Milestone quest stage is worth 6,000 XP, and on top of that, there are Milestone Bonus Goals that you can complete for extra XP — every time you complete 25 Milestone quest stages you'll receive 20,000 bonus XP.

Although these aren't worth as much as the weekly quests or their bonus goals, they're still worth taking note of and aiming for during your gameplay since it's just another way to increase your Battle Pass level and unlock more cosmetic rewards.

QuestTimes per stage
Catch items while fishing20
Complete bounties5
Damage opponents4,500
Destroy objects or structures with the Explosive Goo Gun100
Eliminate opponents25
Evolve EvoChrome weapons by dealing damage10
Gain shields1,000
Headshot opponents35
Hit weakpoints with a harvesting tool125
Outlast opponents750
Pick fruit from Reality Saplings10
Place Top Ten15
Purchase items from a character or vending machine20
Reboot squadmates5
Restore health1,000
Search chests or ammo boxes75
Spend bars1,000
Thank the bus driver10
Travel distance as a Chrome Blob5,000
Travel distance while riding a boar or wolf5,000

Some of these quests are considerably easier compared to others, so you'll definitely get through them naturally without having to remember to finish them. For example, it's much easier to gain 20,000 shields throughout a Fortnite season than to travel a distance of 100,000 meters while on a boar or a wolf.

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