Fortnite And Rocket League’s Llama-Rama Event – All Challenges, Rewards, Kaskade, And More

Two of the biggest free-to-play Unreal Engine games are colliding this week and into April. Yes, it’s the titan Fortnite and the legendary Rocket League, finally coming together in Fortnite’s Llama-Rama event. Given that most Marvel heroes have now appeared in Fortnite, this feels like it’s well overdue.

This Llama-Rama event will bring together Rocket League and Fortnite, in addition to host a performance by DJ and producer Kaskade, which will see the Party Royale popping off with all kinds of Floss dances. I’m sorry, I’m not young enough to know what I’m saying here.

In this guide we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know, including all of the Llama-Rama challenges and rewards you can complete in Fortnite, and when you tune in to the Party Royal yourself to enjoy Kaskade’s latest in-game concert. All of that and more is listed down below, courtesy of Epic Games.

When Can You Play The Llama-Rama Event In Fortnite?

This Llama-Rama event begins this week, March 25, and will last until April 9, meaning you’ve got a solid couple of weeks to make the most of this event. As long as you log in and make sure to clear the challenges we’ve detailed below during that time, you’ll be able to earn rewards in both Fortnite and Rocket League.

When Is Kaskade’s Party Royale Concert In Fortnite?

Your chance to witness Kaskade’s in-game Fortnite concert is much more limited than the event as a whole. This event is being shown three separate times, so make sure to log into Fortnite’s Party Royale during one of these times in order to see it for yourself:

  • March 26, 8pm ET
  • March 27, 9am ET
  • March 27, 2pm ET

Once Kaskade’s concert is over, you’ll also be able to enjoy a first-look at Rocket League’s Season 3 trailer.

All Llama-Rama Fortnite Challenges And Rewards

There are six challenges in total, and each challenge will offer you a reward in both Fortnite and Rocket League. Make sure to clear them all before the event finishes up, otherwise this might be your final chance to earn all of these exclusive items. You will be able to clear these challenges within Rocket League throughout the event duration.

Challenge 1: Beyonder

Play three online matches.


  • Battle Ball Spray, Fortnite
  • Topper – DJ Yonder, Rocket League

Challenge 2: More Llama Bell

Get 500 total points in online matches.


  • Llama-Rama Loading Screen, Fortnite
  • Play Anthem – Llama Bell, Rocket League

Challenge 3: Over Yonder

Get five Goals, Assists, or Saves in online matches.


  • Everybody Dance! Lobby Track, Fortnite
  • Octane Decal – DJ Yonder, Rocket League

Challenge 4: Umbrella Royale

Get five Clears and Centers in online matches.


  • Zooming Wrap, Fortnite
  • Wheels – Umbrella Royale, Rocket League

Challenge 5: Extra Ordinary

Play one online match in any of the Extra Modes playlists.


  • Turbo Ball! Back Bling, Fortnite
  • Player Title – Extra Ordinary, Rocket League

Challenge 6: Winning Is Everything

Win 10 online matches. (Repeatable)


  • 20,000 XP, Rocket League

This matches are fairly simple to complete, and you should easily be able to earn all of your Rocket League and Fortnite rewards in a single sitting.

Lil Octane Battle-Car In Fortnite

To complete this Fortnite x Rocket League crossover, you will be able to add the Lil’ Octane Rocket League vehicle to your locker in Fortnite. The Lil’ Octane emote will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop, and if you have some spare V-Bucks, and you love Fortnite, maybe you should consider it.

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