Fortnite Black Hole: Did Epic Games delete Fortnite?

An asteroid has obliterated the Fortnite map, marking the end of season 10. Fortnite fans have consequently been left unable to play the popular online game, which developer Epic Games has replaced with a mysterious black hole. Epic Games has also deleted all of its tweets and is instead running a live stream of the black hole on social media, leading some to question whether the black hole spells the end of Fortnite.

Has Epic Games deleted Fortnite?

All the signs suggest this is the last time Epic Games will allow access to the Fortnite season 10 map.

Industry insiders are increasingly confident the map, which had existed for 10 season, will be replaced with an entirely new iteration.

Epic Games has been teasing an apocalyptic event for the Fortnite season 10 map dubbed “The End.”

The entire theme of the season has been a farewell tour to the current map, without any big changes added when season 10 kicked-off.

Data miners have discovered the names of approximately 12 new locations that are not currently in the game when a new season traditionally only spawns two to three new zones at the maximum.

A teaser for Fortnite season 11 reportedly leaked on the Italian iOS app store over the weekend.

This appeared to clearly a new map full of brand-new landmarks.


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What happened to the Fortnite map on Sunday?

Over the weekend the island in which the gamers play Fortnite was annihilated by an asteroid.

A countdown timer appeared in Fortnite, above the rocket at Dusty Depot.

Fortnite gamers online during “The End” witnessed a meteor shower which destroyed the map.

These were then sucked into a rift and the screen was replaced with a black hole sitting at its centre.

How has social media reacted to the Fortnite black hole?

Memes relating to season 10’s shock demise soon sprang up on social media.

The in-game black hole event is currently being watched by millions across platforms including Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk retweeted a fake news article suggesting he had bought Fortnite approximately a year just to delete it to “save these kids from eternal virginity”.

That tweet has now garnered almost 300,000 retweets, because some people were assuming the fake news became real.

While Mr Musk, jokingly, even retweeted it himself.

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