Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 cinematic trailer is now live!

Fortnite's first Chapter 2, Season 1 trailer is here.

The newest trailer shows our cast of Fortnite characters venturing forth into a whole new map.

There are new skins on show, and that standard Fortnite humour we've seen before seems to be intact – with characters interacting with the environment in whole new ways.

Our old favourites return on the Battle Bus on what appears to be a whole new map – this appears to be a statement from Epic: it's practically a whole new game.

There will be 8 new default skins in the game, and you will be able to fish weapons out of ponds.

Leakers appear to be having trouble with the code in the new patch – it seems Epic has put in some safeguards to delay the mining of information from the new updates (which is a very interesting turn of events).

Elsewhere, we're seeing Fortnite getting a 20GB update as Epic has finally taken the servers offline properly ahead of the launch of Season 11/Chapter 2.

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