Fortnite Concept Art Gives It A Splitgate Twist With New Portal Designs

Fortnite has introduced portals and other means of teleportation to the game throughout its history. However, concept art shared on Twitter this week revealed that at one point, portals that appear to have been inspired by the actual game Portal would have turned Fortnite into Splitgate before Splitgate was even a thing.

Well, actually, that's not technically true. Splitgate's early access launched in 2019, but it didn't really start making waves until last year when it launched on consoles. That timeline may well be part of the reason why the Fortnite concept art below never became a reality. Blue and orange portals created by Epic concept artist Brèlan Gale and shared by FN News.

While there have been and still are rifts in Fortnite through which players can disappear and then reappear in the sky, and there were also portals through which you could see other dimensions, these portals appear to be a little different. While it isn't specified anywhere in the art or the tweet, it looks like they could have been used to transport to other areas on the map. Much like in Splitgate, and, of course, Portal.

It also doesn't feel like a coincidence that the concept art appears to have been drawn up right after Fortnite's Marvel season. The orange ones give off a strong MCU vibe, resembling the portals Wong and Dr. Strange conjure up to get around. Since Strange wouldn't arrive in Fortnite for quite a while after these portals were drawn up, and there is still no Wong skin, perhaps that connection isn't one that had been made at the time.

Since Splitgate was already in early access, and Fortnite's portals look a lot like Portal's portals, that may explain why the above art was never introduced to the game. Never say never though, and maybe they'll one day be added as part of some sort of official crossover. It'll have to happen soon if it's a Splitgate one, though. 1047 Games revealed last week that Splitgate development is coming to an end so the studio can focus on its next project.

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