Fortnite event COUNTDOWN – Leaked runes, Snow start time, boss battle, Loot Lake theories

Fortnite fans could see a major event take place in Battle Royale ahead of the start of season 9. The Fortnite event rumours have been sparked after a mystery new locale was added to the Battle Royale map following the update 8.40 release. Following that patch release Loot Lake, which recently had been surrounded by diggers, was turned into a massive metal hatch. This metal hatch has five points surrounding it which will be of particular interest to Fortnite players.

On Tuesday these points displayed mysterious runes with it believed two more will appear on Friday and one more on Saturday.

These runes could drop at 12pm eastern time, which would be 5pm UK time, on Friday and on Saturday with an event coinciding with the last rune reveal.

Or, it could simply be a glitch and the runes were shown early – with it actually meant to be taking place at a later date.

But what could this mystery event it’s leading up to be? Well, leaked files may give an indication of what’s in store for Fortnite Battle Royale players.

Leaked files discovered by Twitter user @HYPEX indicate that this event could be called ‘Snow’.

While other files datamined by @ShiinaBR show old sounds for Kevin the Cube have been updated.

And finally @FireMonkeyFN has leaked all the upcoming five runes and @FortTory has revealed what’s inside this mysterious hatch at the moment.

A clip posted online by FortTory shows a blinding white light inside the hatch with what looks like water at the bottom.

So, all of this begs the question – what could all these mysterious clues mean?

One theory does spring to mind – towards the end of season 7 it was rumoured that Epic Games was readying a massive boss battle.

This would see Battle Royale players join forces to take on the boss which had a huge amount of health.

It was thought Fortnite season 7’s Ice King could have been this boss battle but that turned out to not be the case.

Maybe the Fortnite boss will emerge from this mysterious hatch and that will be the big event that caps off season 8.

But who could this boss be? Could it be a creature resembling the fearsome-looking Ruin skin? Could it be the long-rumoured leviathan or kraken?

Or, could it be Thanos emerging once again?

Next week will see the highly anticipated release of Avengers Endgame and last time an Avengers film was out there was a big Fortnite event.

Could Thanos emerge from the hatch and that will be the boss that players have to band together to defeat?

It all remains to be seen, and this is purely speculation right now.

But Epic Games surely has something big in the works to end season 8 with Fortnite season 9 only a few weeks away.

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