Fortnite Fans Spot Giant Dinosaur In Chapter 3 Key Art

Spider-Man is in Fortnite and everyone's talking about it – his web-swinging antics are highly praised and his skins are ripped right from the pages of the comics, but there's something else hidden in plain sight. The key art that showed Peter Parker's entrance to the Fortnite Gaming Universe – the FGU as we'll call it – has a giant dinosaur in the background.

There are already smaller dinosaurs in-game but, when enhancing the image, this one seems to be the size of an entire area. It's comparable to the neighbouring mountains and it towers over the trees, so maybe we'll be able to hitch a ride on its back. It's definitely not dead, after all. It has wide-open eyes and a toothy grin, but it's easy to miss.

As seen in the image below, it was subtly left in the background just beneath the glider. You'd be forgiven if you never saw it, especially with so many striking new characters drawing attention. Some say it's a dinosaur, other's dispute that it's a dragon, even comparing it to Toothless.

Whatever it is, nothing official has been stated – it's just there in the key art, teasing us. Some are digging deep into the lore, believing it to be a creation similar to that of the Polar Peak Monster, while others are trying to find similar creatures already in-game. There are a few.

Chapter 3 is out now with the new Spider-Man skin, so if you wanna take a peek at the all-new Fortnite update, then you can dive (or swing) in today.

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