Fortnite Has Disabled The Infamous Shockwave Hammer

Fortnite's fourth chapter brought a number of new weapons to the island along with it. None of those weapons generated more debate than the Shockwave Hammer. So much debate that Epic Games has disabled the weapon, pleasing some players but probably annoying just as many others.

Epic revealed via its Fortnite Status account that the Shockwave Hammer has been temporarily disabled, citing nothing more than “an issue” as the reason for doing so. Not out of the ordinary as Epic rarely gives specifics when an item or weapon gets disabled or vaulted. Good news for all that the hammer will eventually return, apparently via the next update, as not only does it mean it isn't gone for good, but it also presumably means issues raised will have been addressed.

There are a number of problems with the Shockwave Hammer that have resulted in the aforementioned debate between players who love and hate it. The weapon not only allows people to use it to pick up some pretty spectacular eliminations, but you can also use it to quickly throw yourself around the map. As for the cons, you need do nothing more than check Fortnite's subreddit for all the arguments you'll ever need.

Various players have posted clips of the Shockwave Hammer's pitfalls in action. One example shows someone using the hammer to hit an enemy, shattering the roof above them but leaving the rival player unharmed. Another clip includes a player being sent flying into the sea by a hammer shot, seemingly surviving the ordeal until half of the house they were in falls on their head.

The Shockwave Hammer isn't the only Chapter 4 addition that has caused controversy. Deku's Smash, which was introduced as part of Fortnite's My Hero Academia crossover, was another item labeled overpowered by some, while others even pointed to the likelihood of its flashing effects triggering seizures in some players. It was the latter that seemingly resulted in the move being disabled.

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