Fortnite: Is The Rock The Voice Of The Foundation?

Fortnite revealed the fourth member of The Seven this week, The Foundation, and the new character might have been voiced by a very major movie star.

Epic has a way of keeping the hype for Fortnite at a fever pitch, demonstrating that yet again via the launch of season six. The cinematic to kick off the season featured Agent Jones summoning a member of The Seven, The Foundation, to help him fix Fortnite’s Zero Point. The two of them, with your help, then proceed to try and contain it, turning the island primal in the process.

Fortnite fans have now had a couple of days to digest everything season six has to offer, but odds are not many of them will have thought much about The Foundation’s voice. The same goes for bnwkr on Twitter, until something said in a video seemingly unrelated to Fortnite piqued his interest.

The video was posted by none other than actor and former WWE Superstar, The Rock. Rock posted the clip on Instagram to mark March 16, 2021. However, at no point does he mention why it was such a special day. Wrestling fans might have thought The Great One was doing so to celebrate 3:16 day where wrestlers celebrate Rock’s long-time rival Stone Cold. However, something Rock says right at the end of the clip would suggest otherwise.

“This is all done to strengthen and evolve and grow the power, and the force known as… the foundation,” Rock says to close out the video. There is a special emphasis on those last two words, at which point the actor looks down the camera and throws out a signature eyebrow raise. This has Fortnite fans thinking Rock is the voice of The Foundation. You can rewatch the season six launch trailer above and honestly, it really does sound like it could be him.

CodeBendie has replied to bnwkr’s original post with another clue pointing to a connection between The Rock and The Foundation. The left side of The Foundation’s chest appears to have been modeled after the tattoo The Rock has on the corresponding pec. If The Rock really is the voice of The Foundation, then we might well see The People’s Champion become a part of the game via his own skin at some point in season six.

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