Fortnite season 11 start date delayed, as Fortnite sales drop 52% in a year

Season X of Fortnite has been extended for another week, as a new report shows how much Fortnite sales are down from its peak.

The new season of Fortnite will not be starting this weekend, as planned, but will instead begin on Sunday, 13th October, according to the latest patch notes for the game.

As a result, there’ll be new week’s worth of time-limited rewards, called Last Stop, before the delayed Out of Time Overtime Mission begins on Tuesday, 8 October.

Although it’s never been officially confirmed, Season 11 is widely believed to feature a new map, or at least a substantially revamped one – which would be the biggest overhaul that Fortnite has ever seen.

Although it’s always changing, Fortnite has only ever had the one map and there are signs that players are starting to get a little tired of it.

A new report from Edison Trends found that in-game spending for the game is down 75% from its peak in December 2018.

Nothing stays as big as Fortnite forever, but spending was also down by 52% from July 2018 to July 2019.

And while many had counted Apex Legends out as an also-ran, the same report found that Apex players were the most likely to spend from one month to the next, with 62% buying items and currencies in both June and July, compared to 49% for Fortnite.

None of this means Fortnite is in any kind of trouble but it certainly does seem to have peaked and if Season 11 does see the introduction of a new or substantially changed map then that will be perfect timing.

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