Fortnite season 4 map: Avengers Helicarrier, Doom’s Domain, Sentinel Graveyard POIs

Fortnite season 4 looks set to be one of the most unique Battle Passes in Battle Royale history. The latest Fortnite Battle Pass, which is out today (Thursday August 27), is the first in the game’s history to be themed entirely around an existing IP – Marvel. This tie-in with one of the biggest entertainment properties in the world means tonnes of Marvel skins, such as Iron Man, Wolverine and Storm, are inbound.

But while the new theme marks a big shake-up to Fortnite, it looks like there’s one area of the game which won’t be vastly different at the outset.

While Fortnite season 4 downtime was taking place the map for the latest Battle Pass was leaked early by HYPEX.

And the image provided by the notable Fortnite leaker shows the season 4 map looks virtually identically to the season 3 playing field.

However, it looks like there will a few new POIs, and one of the biggest additions to the Battle Royale map will be the new base of operations.

We had the Fortilla for season 3, and The Authority for season 2, and the latest HQ heading to chapter 2 looks like it’ll be the Avengers Helicarrier.

This was showcased in the Fortnite season 4 Battle Pass trailer, and looks like it will be a floating POI that players will be able to land on.

Describing it in the Battle Pass trailer, Epic Games said: “High above this strange land, it is where we’ll prepare to stand against him – Galactus”.

The other leaked POIs that have been revealed are the Sentinel Graveyard and Doom’s Domain.

Elsewhere the Battle Pass trailer revealed details on the Marvel skins that will be available in Fortnite season 4.

Besides the aforementioned Iron Man, Wolverine and Storm skins, there will also be skins for Mystique, Groot, Thor and Dr Doom.

While the Fortnite season 4 trailer also appeared to reveal a new Peely skin, which is a riff on Wolverine’s iconic Adamantium claws.

Instead of having those nigh-on indestructible weapons shooting from their hands, Peely will instead be getting bananas firing out from its hands – very on brand.

Elsewhere, leaks that were published while Fortnite season 4 downtime was taking place revealed plenty of other interesting details about the new Battle Pass.

It looks like Fortnite season 4 will be much longer than Fortnite season 3 – typically a Battle Pass is scheduled to last for 10 weeks, barring any unexpected delays.

But the latest Battle Pass looks like it will exceed this typical shelf life by quite a considerable margin, with the rumoured end date for Fortnite season 4 expected to be Friday December 11.

Fingers crossed by then Apple and Epic Games have resolved the dispute which has prevented millions of iOS devices from being able to download the Fortnite season 4 update day.

Elsewhere, leaks have also hinted that during Fortnite season 4 Epic Games will add ray tracing to the game, with this next-gen graphics technique able to be used by PCs and the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

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