Fortnite Season 5’s Mystery Skin Will Be Predator As The Alien Arrives On The Island

Suspicions that this season’s secret Fortnite skin will be Predator have been all-but-confirmed via the arrival of some cosmetic items via the 15.20 update.

Each season of Fortnite’s first chapter featured a mystery skin. An unlockable costume Epic kept under wraps until the season was coming to a close. That gave those of you who had already completed all of the challenges something more to do, usually with a pretty cool reward at the end of it.

Epic has gone a slightly different way with it so far during Chapter 2. Instead of revealing a mystery skin at the end of the season, it has showcased the character coming to Fortnite’s shores right at the start. As it did with Aquaman and Deadpool, for instance. However, the reveal of just seven Battle Pass skins at the start of season five indicated to players that the mystery skin has returned.

As for who or what the skin might be, players speculated at the start of the season that it might be Predator. Epic has effectively confirmed that through the cosmetics added to the game via the 15.20 update, as well as something mysterious that has arrived on the island. A pod has crashed at Stealthy Strongholds, and its now-missing passenger appears to have been Predator.

Players who have already investigated the crash site have reported being able to hear Predator sounds in the general vicinity, but the alien is yet to show its face. Some accompanying challenges have also been added for Battle Pass holders. Completing them unlocks the Heat Vision Hunter spray, Plasma Caster emote, and a pretty cool looking Predator banner. It’s assumed the skin will be added in the coming weeks.

Fortnite is obviously no stranger to crossovers with other franchises. However, teaming up with Predator might be the strangest one to date. Fortnite attracts a typically younger audience, and its crossovers tend to lean into that. Adding Predator to the game is an acknowledgment from Epic that older people play Fortnite too. However, making it something you can unlock via Battle Pass progression rather than adding Predator items to the in-game store is a smart move. Chances are not many people would be willing to pay for it compared to other skins.

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