Fortnite Server Status downtime news ahead of 10.10 update time

The patch notes will be released as downtime begins, which means we can expect to see them released shortly before the game goes offline at 9am BST.

These sometimes release just before downtime begins, but either way fans of the game should have something to read whilst the game is offline.

Speaking of which, downtime will likely last somewhere between 2-3 hours, so we should see the game come back online by around 11-12pm BST.

At the time of writing, there’s little else been mentioned by Epic Games as to what could change or be added or removed from the game.

Normally the small twitter message Epic Games uses to confirm downtime would contain some sort of tease. We see it week on week with hints at a new weapon or some major addition.

But this week the twitter message has contained no clues as to what Epic Games could be changing.

It’s uncharacteristically blunt for the developers.

All the more reason to tune in tomorrow morning for more details as they’re released.

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