Fortnite Skins Update 9.20 Leak: Toy Trooper, Airhead, Callisto and more all new skins

Dataminers have posted their findings to Twitter and although we know a few details about the cosmetics, such as the name and description for each new skin, emote and more.

We don’t know when they’ll be released.

Our best guess is that we’ll see these added to the item shop over the next few days, which refreshes each evening at midnight.

Some of the standout new additions today (June 6th) includes two toy soldier looking skins called ‘Toy Trooper’ and ‘Plastic Patroller’ as well as a skin called Airhead which appears to be a normal skin with a balloon for a head.


There’s plenty more, and we’ll be sure to update the page with more details the second all of the names and rarities become available and common knowledge. For now, read on for a brief recap of whats new in the fortnite Update v9.20 released this morning.

Fortnite Update 9.20 – What’s New?


• Storm Flip – Power of the storm in the palm of your hands!


• Transmitters and Receivers – Trigger an explosion off of a coin, drop a barrier when a player strikes a target and so much more! This is just the beginning as many more options and devices will be enabled over the next few updates.

• Storm Device – Now you can release the power of the Storm to challenge your players to their limits.  Expect more ways to channel the Storm in later releases.

• Pueblo Theme – Build a desert town with the new Pueblo prefabs and galleries. Pairs great with the new Canyon Island.


• Beyond the Stellar Horizon – Join the cast and crew of Beyond the Stellar Horizon as the VSS Gallant takes flight once more.

• Invasion – You don’t want to be in the way when the laser goes off in this new Wargames Simulation!

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