Fortnite Update 8.21 Early Patch Notes: Explosive Bow, Respawn Van, Season 8 News


New Weapons – Explosive Bow

The one thing that usually changes with each update, without fail, is weapons.

They’re either added, nerfed, buffed or vaulted altogether.

It’s pretty much confirmed at this point that one big new weapon being added, although further details about it are still scarce.

Epic Games updated the in-game news feed earlier today to tease the release of an upcoming weapon for Fortnite Battle Royale, The Explosive Bow.

The description of the weapon reads:

Archery can be a blast!

We would anticipate that this will be released with the new v8.21 Content Update.

Respawn Van

Before the launch of Season 8, an AMA with the team hinted that they were working on a Respawn mechanic for squad games.

And now it seems as though it’s coming to the game shortly via some funky looking vans dotted across the map.

Leaked files indicate these are indeed tied to a new respawn mechanic, and the van in the files is known as a ‘second chance machine’.

Short-term, Fast credits
Max. amount 5000 ₴
The max. term 30 days

Ben Walker of, writes:

“It seems that players will drop a card upon death and teammates can take it to a Respawn Van to bring them back to life. The feature is similar to that of the Respawn Beacon mechanic in rival title Apex Legends, however, it is unknown if it was inspired or copied from them.”

And we could be edging closer to a release after fans spotted a semi-functional respawn van during the weekend’s Fortnite Luxe Cup.

“The glitch in the stream’s spectator mode showed a working Respawn Van,” writes “While the player in-game didn’t see it, viewers at home were treated to a good view and even an insight into how it’ll work.”

“Further analysis shows that it’ll require a “Reboot Card” to respawn your teammate, which will likely be dropped upon your teammate’s elimination.”

Whether such a big new mechanic is rolled out this week isn’t clear. We would imagine this will be held back another week for a more sizeable update. But, you never know…

Fortnite 8.21 Content Update – Anything Else?

On top of everything mentioned previously, we should see the usual array of bug fixes for both Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite Save the World, Fortnite Creative Mode and on mobile.

Below you can take a look at some of the main bugs which the Fortnite Trello board has marked as ‘fixed in the next release’.

This isn’t to say they’ll definitely be included in the next patch. But there’s a pretty decent chance.

Battle Royale ‘fixed’ Issues:

  • Unable to shoot shotguns for a short time when switching from another shotgun.

Creative Mode ‘fixed’ Issues:

  • No issues marked as ‘Fixed’ in next release. See link above for details still being investigated.

Save the World ‘fixed’ Issues:

  • No issues marked as ‘Fixed’ in next release. See link above for details still being investigated.

Mobile ‘fixed’ Issues:

  • Marshmello outfit not reactive

Nintendo Switch ‘fixed’ Issues:

  • Players load in lobby as the same cosmetic
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