Fortnite update skipping today for John Wick event? Early patch notes latest

A new Fortnite update has not arrived today, and there has been no message from Epic Games yet that they will be dropping it tomorrow, May 15.

And this has led some fans to believe that a big John Wick event is coming to the game later this week.

The latest instalment in the franchise is scheduled for release in the coming days, and new locations on the Fortnite map suggests something is in the works.

And with no Fortnite update confirmed for Wednesday, it would make sense that Epic Games would be holding it back, so their next event doesn’t get spoiled by data miners.

It should be noted that Epic Games has not said anything yet to suggest a John Wick event is in the works.

However, they did release a small tidbit of information that backs the idea that something is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale soon.

Early patch notes have revealed that a new weapon is coming to the island that could have connections with the John Wick film franchise.

A new in-game news announcement has confirmed that the Tactical Assault Rifle is being added to the game soon.

These news feed updates usually mean that the new item being teased will be dropping in the coming days.

The new teaser comes with the Fortnite description: “This robust and precise assault rifle is the ideal option for tight quarters.”

Data miners first spotted the new weapon as part of the big Season 9 update and already have the lowdown on some of its stats.

The Tactical Assault Rifle will come in Rare, Epic and Legendary forms and will deal damage of 22/23/24 with a fire rate of 7.

The Legendary version will feature the best reload time at 1.98 seconds and will stock light bullets.

The gun also appears to share a tie-in with the new John Wick movie as it shares a symbol on its side.

However, while this all seems to point to a new John Wick event coming to the game, it has to come with a disclaimer at this time.

Until Epic Games confirms their plans for later this week, the Fortnite update schedule could always change.

It’s still possible that a new update will drop tomorrow and that a new in-game event will arrive on Thursday, May 16.

If this does happen, fans can probably expect downtime and a new list of patch notes to be shared by Epic Games.

Another piece of evidence that supports the release of a new John Wick event was found by data miners earlier this month.

A “Wick’s Bounty” challenge list has been posted online, suggesting that fans will be able to unlock new cosmetic rewards.

This could include new umbrella and wrap cosmetics, with some of the challenges linked to the Tactical Assault Rifle.

The challenges also mention a new shotgun, so there’s a chance that this is new John Wick event will fun for two weeks.

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