Fortnite update version 2.74 patch notes: Surprise PS4 update fixes MAJOR problem

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released a surprise update on PS4, Xbox One and Mac.

Version 2.74 on PlayStation 4 weighs in at a sizeable 1.57GB. It’s a mandatory update, so you’ll need to download it in order to continue playing.

While there isn’t a lengthy list of patch notes like a normal update, Epic Games has revealed what v2.74 does.

In addition to minor bug fixes, the new update solves a problem with the game crashing after using the Emote Wheel.

“We’re aware of a crash that can sometimes occur after using the Emote Wheel,” Epic tweeted earlier this week. “We’re working to address this and will provide an update when it’s resolved.”

In a follow-up tweet posted earlier today (June 19), Epic confirmed that the problem had been fixed on all platforms except for one.

“We’ve released a maintenance patch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Mac to address this issue,” the tweet reads. “This issue is now resolved on all affected platforms.”

There’s bad news for Nintendo Switch players, who must wait a little longer for the update to drop.

“This issue will be fixed on Nintendo Switch in a future update,” Epic adds.

Fans can expect an even bigger update within the next two weeks, as Epic addresses early season issues and continues to revamp the map.

The update launches just a few days after the start of Fortnite Season 3.

The new Fortnite season adds lots of new features, plus a new Battle Pass with a huge batch of fresh rewards.

This includes a surprise Aquaman skin, complete with weekly challenges to unlock new variants.

But the headline feature is arguably the updated map, which has been flooded following a recent in-game event.

In addition to new points of interest, the map is now broken up into smaller islands.

To navigate the flooded map, players can now use fishing rods to ride sharks throughout the map. It’s definitely one of the more fun new additions.

New marauder enemies also make it more difficult for players, although the rewards for winning games are a whole lot better, as players can now build their very own umbrellas.

One of the more interesting aspects of Season 3 is that the map will evolve throughout the season as the water recedes and new points of interest are uncovered.

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