Fortnite: Which Characters Can You Duel And Where To Find Them

Want to finish this week’s challenges? Find out which characters you can duel and where to find them.

Week 15 of this Fortnite Season has brought some pretty cool challenges. However, they require you to duel quite a lot of NPCs. You will need to duel NPCs 25 times in order to earn a total of 143,000 XP.

The first phase of the challenge is dueling 5 characters – if you do so, you will earn 55,000 XP. Then 10, 15, 20, and 25, for 22,000 XP for each additional phase you complete. Although it may prove difficult, it is quite an appealing challenge considering some players haven’t gotten to level 100 yet, and this might just be what they need to get there.

As soon as you get close to an NPC, a speech bubble will appear on your map, so they’re usually quite easy to find. The last week of the season can be pretty chaotic as everyone is trying to get challenges done so they can reach level 100. So, approach these NPCs with caution as there might be other players around going in for the kill.

It is important to note that you can’t duel Ruckus and The Mandalorian as they are hostile and will attack you as soon as they see you. Don’t waste your time going over there, as it will not count towards the challenge.

Big Chuggus

Head to Slurpy Swamp to find Big Chuggus – he is in one of the largest buildings. Or, he can be found near Shanty Town, west of Slurpy Swamp.


Blaze can be found near the large bonfire (Timber Tent), south of Sweaty Sands. Or in Pristine Point, east of Craggy Cliffs.


Brutus can be found on the south end of Dirty Docks.


Near the trailer in Catty Corner, you can challenge Kit to a duel.


In Misty Meadows, you can find Kondor wandering around near the fountain.


You will be able to find Menace walking around in Colossal Coliseum.


If you head west of Holly Hedge, you will find the Viking Vessel landmark. In the Viking Ship, on top of the store, you can talk to Ragnarok and challenge him.

These characters are usually hard to fight, especially if you’re doing it in solos. So, come prepared. This means, be sure to drink up a few shields, bring good weapons and build if you have to. In return, once you defeat them, they will drop a powerful weapon which will really give you an advantage throughout the rest of the match.

But, in order to get the challenge done, you don’t need to actually fight these NPCs. You can just select “duel” and run away. It will still count towards your challenge progression.

If you haven’t finished this season’s battle pass and are struggling to do so, be sure to check out our guide containing all of week 15’s XP coin locations. These will really give you a boost in levels, making it a walk in the park to grind those extra levels you’re still missing.

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