Fortnite Will Soon Support RTX

Ray tracing, DLSS, and ambient occlusion are all coming to Fortnite in the near future.

Nvidia is hosting their GeForce Live event today to showcase the next generation of GPUs, and while the new hardware is certainly impressive, it’s what that hardware can do that seems even more impressive.

For example, it can make Fortnite look a whole lot better.

Fortnite just announced that they’re going to enable RTX features in an upcoming update. This includes ray tracing, DLSS, and ambient occlusion, all features that got started on Nvidia’s RTX 20-series cards.

Ray tracing, for those who haven’t kept up with gamer hardware, is basically a method of simulating light in real-time for games. It enables hyper-realistic reflections of light bouncing off various surfaces and can make things like water and windows seem as true-to-life as the real thing.

DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. It uses some very complicated tech and artificial intelligence to basically produce high-resolution images from lower-resolution ones. This means video cards don’t have to work as hard at producing hi-rez graphics and can instead focus on producing high frame rates.

And ambient occlusion ties into tray tracing in making ambient lighting behave in realistic ways.

Put it all together and you get this crazy trailer that showcased during the Nvidia livestream. Note the lighting as it reflects off the water and windows, how explosions also produce light effects on the lake, and the glow of a mobile phone produces green light on a player’s helmet while still reflecting the rest of the scene.

We don’t know exactly when Fortnite will turn RTX on, but we can bet it’ll be there in time for the next-gen console launch. Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have all this technology as standard for their games, so Fortnite should look just like you see in the trailer.

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