Fortnite’s Spider-Man Swinging Puts Marvel’s Avengers To Shame

Fortnite Chapter 3 has begun. Thankfully, Epic didn't leave players staring at a black hole for days this time. Just your avatar floating on a bit of debris like they were aboard the Titanic when it went down, and only for about 12 hours. After that Chapter 3 launched, and the arrival of Spider-Man was officially confirmed, along with a few other pretty neat Spidey looks that can be unlocked via Battle Pass progression.

Spider-Man has also brought web-swinging to the island, because without the ability to shoot webs in some way then it really isn't the full Spider-Man experience. The mechanic can actually be used with any Fortnite character, which is handy since the Spider-Man skin can't be unlocked until you make it to page nine of the Battle Pass which might take a while.

It probably would have been fair to expect very little from Fortnite's web-swinging all things considered. However, first impressions seem to be that Epic has hit the mechanic out of the park. In fact, a lot of players are saying it's better than web-swinging in Marvel's Avengers. A claim that is hard to argue with, especially when you check out both of the games' Spider-Men in action one after the other courtesy of the tweets below.

Fortnite's webs attach to nearby buildings and landmarks and the characters using it gather momentum as they swing through the air. They can also swing as high as they possibly can. Avengers' swinging, on the other hand, feels far more sluggish. Spidey doesn't gather speed and if you swing too high he will crash into an invisible ceiling. A huge compliment for Fortnite, but the latest in a long line of damning reviews for Avengers and its features.

This one will be a particularly bitter pill to swallow for Crystal Dynamics for a number of reasons. When Spider-Man arrived in Avengers last week, the hero's design and the majority of its mechanics were praised. A few days later Fortnite has come along and trumped all of the studio's good work. Well, not all of it. In defense of Crystal Dynamics, it had to do a lot more for its own Spidey in terms of mechanics and design than Epic needed to do for Fortnite's version.

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