Free Camera Mod Lets You Experience Red Dead Redemption 2 From The Eyes Of Arthur

One of the reasons why Red Dead Redemption 2 is so timeless is the quality of its cinematics. The game feels like an old Western film largely because it looks like one, with a camera that swaps position from over Arthur’s shoulder whenever the narrative calls for it.

But what if you wanted Red Dead Redemption 2 to feel more like a documentary? Then you’d have to use the new Cutscenes – First, Third, and Feecam Camera mod. Created by Shaun Akerman and available now on Nexus Mods, this new mod allows you to see RDR2 like never before.

Once installed, the mod lets you modify a number of the game’s cinematic features. Press F1 to disable or enable the in-game cinematic camera, allowing you to follow Arthur even when the camera normally wouldn’t. Note that this does screw up several missions and shops, so use this one at your own peril.

The somewhat more useful option is F2, which lets you swap between first and third-person cameras during a cutscene. This lets you view the scene through the eyes of Arthur Morgan himself and allows you to pick out details that you might have missed in your first playthrough. There are a lot of facial expressions in RDR2 and often the camera is too far or the lighting too dim to make out the details–getting a closer look fixes that.

F3 removes the black bars from the cutscene, while F5 activates free-cam mode. This disengages the camera from Arthur and lets the player examine the scene from any angle, using WASD to control the camera. There are also buttons that raise and lower the camera, freeze, change the camera's FOV, or speed up and slow down the scene.

The mod only supports mouse and keyboard controls right now, but Akerman is working on adding controller support in the future. You can head on over to Nexus Mods to give the mod a whirl.

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