Free Fire update: OB29 is live! New Anniversary Free Fire 2021 download and patch notes

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Garena has released its latest Free Fire update today, adding new modes and weapons to unlock.

The popular Android and iOS game remains one of the only mobile shooters that can rival PUBG Mobile in terms of popularity.

And today’s Anniversary release is just the latest to add new content to Free Fire, including a new mode called Lone Wolf.

As the name suggests, Lone Wolf brings 1vs1 battles to Free Fire, and while it might not be available to play right now, it will be unlocked very soon for all players.

Encounters will be featured on the new Free Fire map called Iron Cage. A message from Garena adds: “In this mode, you can play against another player in an intense, best of nine 1v1 battle to see who is the better player. Challenge yourself to survive in the Iron Cage.”

Today’s update also introduces Clash Squad Season 8, which will be officially kicking off on August 5.

And fans dedicated to unlocking everything will be able to rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item – The Golden AN94.

Features-wise, Garena is making it possible to request your team to purchase an item directly to your inventory in both Ranked and Casual games.

The dev team is hoping this will make it easier to communicate with teammates during live matches.

A ton of new weapon changes have also been introduced with the launch of today’s anniversary update, with the new AC80 weapon headlining.

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New Weapon Available

“Introducing the AC80, a new marksman rifle available in Clash Squad and Battle Royale. With its Piercing Shots, the AC80 can easily take down enemies equipped with heavy armors.”

  • Base Damage: 50
  • Rate of Fire: 0.45
  • Magazine: 10
  • Attachments: Muzzle, Grip, Stock
  • Piercing Shots – every second damage dealt with the AC80 will deal extra damage.

Other changes can be found below and include the following rebalancing notes:

M4A1 (X/Y/Z)

Weapon Upgrade Available

“In this patch, we’re adding 3 additional modifications of the M4A1 in-game. Players can pick up or purchase the M4 Chip to upgrade their M4A1 into the X, Y, or Z version.”

  • M4A1 can now be upgraded by using the M4 Chip.


Weapon Stats Adjustment

“The UZI is currently underperforming compared to other secondary weapons due to its small magazine size, leaving it little room for error. We’re giving its stats a small buff to make sure it can be more reliable in close range.”

  • Minimum Damage: +8%
  • Magazine: +2
  • Effective Range: +10%


Weapon Stats Adjustment

“The XM8 is currently a bit weaker than other ARs due to its lower damage and non-adjustable scope. We’re giving it some power in this patch to bring the XM8 into the AR mix.”

  • Rate of Fire: +10%
  • Recoil: +5%


Weapon Stats Adjustment

“The SPAS12 is no doubt one of the weaker shotguns in the game right now. We’re giving it more attachment slots this patch to make sure that it can be viable in more situations.”

  • Added Muzzle and Scope attachment slot.
  • Range: +15%


Weapon Stats Adjustment

“The Vector is currently too difficult to be used due to its extremely short effective range. We’re giving it a bit more mobility this patch to make sure players can close distance with their enemies in the Akimbo mode.”

  • Range: +5%
  • Movement Speed: +10%


Weapon Stats Adjustment

“The M1887 is too strong in all categories at this moment since it does not require any attachments. We’re taking some of its power away to make sure weapons with attachment slots can be used to counter the M1887 when they’re fully geared.”

  • Armor Penetration: -6%
  • Range: -8%
  • Rate of Fire: -5%

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