Free PS4 games UPDATE: Download THIS big PlayStation game bundle today

PlayStation 4 owners can download and play a brand new video game expansion for free this weekend.

World of Warships: Legends is one of the latest PS4 games to launch on the PS Store at no extra charge, with a new DLC package launching this week.

Available to download today, the World of Warships: Legends Naval Warrior pack made its console debut on the Xbox One, before landing on the PlayStation 4.

It should also be noted that you will need a PS Plus subscription to download the new Legends pack, and the same goes for Xbox Live on Xbox One.

However, the good news is that the base game is a free PS4 game that can be found on the PlayStation Store.

The official game description for Naval Warrior reads: “Action. Danger. Adventure. Join the Navy with British Destroyer Campbeltown, made in America!

“Also comes with 3 days of Premium Account and an assortment of currencies and boosters to aid you in your naval conquest!”

As confirmed on the World of Warships Store, this Naval pack contains the Tier II destroyer Campbeltown, three days of Premium Account access, 250 doubloons, 1,125,000 credits and 20 common boosters of each type.

If you know about Wargaming’s earlier titles, you can probably guess that WOWs Legends is based around large scale Naval combat.

It has an age rating of 13+, and the only downside is that it comes with a hefty download size.

Gamers will need to find 44GB of space on their Xbox One hard drive, not so easy if you have an original 500GB console.

And the new Naval Warrior pack adds another chunk to that download, along with the new content.

For those wanting to know more about World of Warships, the game is based around naval combat, usually focused on World War I and World War II era warships.

Here’s more information from Wargaming, who explains: “In a single salvo and offer the best protection against enemy fire, while sacrificing mobility.

“Before battle, you’ll want to kit-out your ships with various modifications, upgrades, boosters, and camouflage to further improve their combat proficiency.

“As an example, if you have multiple bonus credit earnings from boosters and premium time, and the values are 20% and 50%, the sum total of additional credits earned per battle would be 70%.

“Each warship needs a commander, and we have quite a roster available to stand at the helm of your fleet. Names like William Halsey (United States), Togo Heihachiro (Japan), and Bruce Fraser (United Kingdom) are but a few among many others!

“You will put their powerful skills to good use in battle and create potent ship-commander combinations to deal with battle tasks at hand.”

And if Naval combat isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other free games to download on the PlayStation 4.

One of those is the new Brawlout demo, a platform battler with solid review scores on the PlayStation Store.

The Brawlout trial provides a choice of three playable fighters each week, which are then rotated out.

Other choices for free games this weekend include Apex Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale and Warface.

Dauntless is another free game that can be played today that doesn’t require a PS Plus subscription of any kind.

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