Future Fallout 76 Update Will Let Players Have More Than One Camp

Bethesda has revealed a number of changes coming to Fallout 76 in the future on the game’s official website. This new upcoming update will introduce several fan-requested improvements, including the ability to easily swap out your attributes to change your build, an expansion of the Daily Ops system, batch crafting, aim assist, and will even allow players to have more than one camp in Appalachia.

Players will finally be able to create a new camp wherever they want in Appalachia without having to completely dismantle their old one. Whilst players will only be able to have one camp active at a time, the “Camp Slots” system will allow players to quickly switch between different camps easily, perfect for the builders of Appalachia who want to flex their creative muscles.

It’s also great that Bethesda is finally working on a way for players to easily reset their builds. Previously you could only change your Special Points one at a time by leveling up, but this new system will let you reallocate as many points as you want for free, allowing players to experiment with different builds much easier.

It’s worth noting though that these changes are likely far way away from coming to the actual game. Bethesda will first be trialing and improving them based on feedback from Fallout 76 players that are currently a part of the public test server on PC. The update will be trialed as early as February 5, so it’ll be a long wait for the improvements to hit public servers on PC and console.

In the same post, Bethesda also announced a Scrip Surplus event that is starting today. Players wanting to trade in their legendary items for Legendary Scrip will currently get double the amount of Scrip they usually get. This event will only last until February 1 with a cap of 300 Scrip per day, so make sure you trade in all your unwanted legendaries.

With consistent free updates, Fallout 76 has gone from strength to strength in recent months, and the newly released Inventory Update has already delivered some strongly requested updates to Fallout 76, including a 50% increase to the stash limit and an easier to navigate Pip-Boy. Bethesda seems committed to improving the game as much as possible and that’s wonderful news to the citizens of Appalachia.

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