Game Informer's Holiday Buying Guide 2021

The season is fast approaching when you may be hunting down the best gifts for family and friends. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to reward yourself at the end of the year? Either way, we’ve gathered a curated selection of awesome collectibles, tech, gaming gear, and more, handpicked by our team on the merits of quality, fun, and useability. No matter what you enjoy, or how much you want to spend, we’ve got something for your budget and interests. Happy& holidays!

Disclaimer: Recommended products are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, GameStop.

Toys + Collectibles

Mario Kart Slot Car Racing

High-speed racing awaits on this two-kart track where Mario and Luigi can reach scale speeds of 370-mph along the nearly 10 foot-long course. The battery-powered set includes a two-piece removable jump ramp for some added thrills, and the full set is expandable with the rest of the Carrera GO!!! line of slot cars, so you can design your own courses through the Mushroom Kingdom. $39.99

Funko Pop! Dragonite Pokémon

You caught this wily dragon in Pokémon Go, and may even remember them from the early games in the series. Now is your chance to capture Dragonite for your shelf. Funko continues its excellent game line-up with its latest series, which also includes Caterpie and Pidgeotto. $11

Transformers Core and Titan Class Figures

For collectors, the most notable thing about the Transformers line in recent years has been the consistency of quality across all the price points. Tiny 3.5-inch core class figures like Soundwave feature excellent sculpts and simple transformations, while the new towering Ark titan stands at 19 inches, including multiple bonus figures and blast effects, and the ability to shift between robot and the Autobot’s iconic ship. $10.99 (core), $149 (titan)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Zelda and Link

Packaged together as a set, these two ten-inch PVC statues beautifully capture the heroes of Hyrule. Link comes with Traveler’s Bow drawn, while Zelda stands resolute with Sheikah Slate in-hand, both accentuated by some especially striking paint details. Each statue features LED light-up effects, ready to stand sentinel over either side of your TV as you patiently await the lauded game’s sequel. $189

Destiny 2 Fallen Baby Plush

Sure, we’ve had some big revelations from the Destiny storyline of late. But no revelation was as big as how adorable baby Fallen aliens turned out to be. This 10-inch plush ably captures the swaddled cuteness of these soon-to-be deadly aliens, four eyes and all. Perfect for cuddling on your next raid night. $30

Masters of the Universe Revelation BattleCat

The Masters of the Universe are back in a big way, including an eye-catching new line of articulated action figures modeled after the character designs from the new Netflix show. While He-Man and Skeletor are all well and good, the indisputable showpiece of the new line is this 13-inch-long BattleCat. Bedecked in armor, the mask can be removed to show the bashful Cringer underneath. $39

Kratos and Atreus Statues

Matching father and son statues bring life to one of the most memorable relationships in recent gaming history. Modern Icons has established an excellent track record with its statues line, showcasing strong detail work and evocative poses, while keeping pricing affordable. These 1/9th scale figures match the intensity of the 2018 game and look handsome whether displayed alone or linking their bases into a connected display. $59.99 (apiece)

The Mandalorian Force FX Elite Darksaber

Created by the first Mandalorian to be inducted into the Jedi Order, the Darksaber would eventually come to represent leadership of the famed warriors, and has been wielded by the likes of Darth Maul, Moff Gideon, and Din Djarin. The replica includes a stunning detachable black blade limned in white LED lighting, which features progressive light-up effects, sound effects from the fan-favorite show, and an impressive metal hilt, along with a display stand. This is the way. $264


Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower by Tamsyn Muir


Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir


The Ultimate History of Video Games, Volume 2 by Steven L. Kent


Under the Whispering Door by T.J. Klune


GameStop – Sponsored

Transformers Optimus Prime Replica Helmet

Only at GameStop

Inspired by the Generation 1 version of Optimus Prime as see in the Transformers ’80s cartoon, this GameStop exclusive, with unique design, is a fully wearable helmet with light-up eyes and authentic sounds and phrases. $109.99

Transformers Megatron Replica Helmet

Only at GameStop

Inspired by the Generation 1 version of Megatron as see in the Transformers ’80s cartoon, this GameStop exclusive, with unique design, is a fully wearable helmet with light-up eyes and authentic sounds and phrases. $109.99

Dungeons & Dragons Gelatinous Cube Statue

Only at GameStop

The gelatinous cube is endowed with an insatiable hunger. These creatures scour dungeon passages, consuming living tissue while leaving bones and other materials undissolved. A cube that is well fed can be easier to spot, since its victims’ bones, coins, and other objects can be seen suspended inside the creature. $59.99

Dungeons & Dragons Catti-Brie 8.65-in Statue

Only at GameStop

Catti-brie, armed with Taulmaril, her famous bow, and adorned with her mystical dagger. $59.99

G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Sword with Display Stand

Only at GameStop

This Modern Icons Replica: 1:1 GI Joe Snake Eyes Sword with Display Stand featuring the G.I. Joe insignia logo is a must-have collectible for G.I. Joe fans. $109.99



Don’t let the whimsical art fool you. Brew is a nuanced and intriguing strategy game. You are a forest mystic, rolling dice each round to forage for components and create potions. Mixing area control and worker placement mechanics together, the straightforward dice-based play blossoms into a rich and choice-laden gameplay. $29.95

The Yawning Portal Inn Miniature Set

This iconic inn has long been a fixture of Dungeons & Dragons fiction, acting as a gateway to adventure in both figurative and literal ways. The prodigious terrain set can make for an awesome base of operations for your campaign’s heroes, and a fitting spot to stage a big fight. But it’s also the ideal display diorama backdrop for your minis collection, and beyond the 130+ included pieces, can be accentuated with an array of sold-separately accessories, including additional beds, bottles, bars, tables, and more. The titular portal is especially cool, with color-changing LEDs and an infinity mirror effect to replicate the descent into Undermountain. $349


This clever party game puts forward a series of multiple-choice questions and gives you two minutes to discuss each answer. But one player is the Snake, and they’re trying to manipulate the group into choosing the wrong answer. Embracing a delightful mix of social deduction and deception, Snakesss is an ideal pick for game nights for bigger groups of up to eight players. $25

Mickey and the Beanstalk

If your family loves cooperative board games, but some players are still a bit young for the complex stuff, this Disney adventure is a perfect compromise. Suitable for players as young as four, each player controls a Disney hero as they climb the beanstalk and retrieve food to take back down to the village below, all while avoiding the giant. Beautiful components and a three-dimensional board setup, including a twisty beanstalk that the figures can slide down, give the whole game a premium feel – a rarity in the family gaming sphere. $19.99

D&D Dice Tower

Welcome a dose of nostalgia into your next D&D game night with this officially licensed and light-up dice tower; just remove the head and toss in your dice, and when they roll out from the base, you can find out if you rolled that natural 20. The sculpt is a lovely homage to the 1st edition AD&D Player’s Handbook art by D.A. Trampier, though it looks as if the party finally absconded with that right-eye gem. $49.99

Alien: Fate of the Nostromo

Go back to the earliest days of the xenomorph threat with this fast-paced and fast-playing cooperative retelling of the original Alien film. Work together as the characters from the movie, fending off the terrifying alien while keeping the ship functional. Tense and rewarding, this is an ideal choice for adult players who want to keep rules complexity to a minimum. $29.99

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile

Follow the shifting power tides of a vast fantasy empire in a sprawling generational saga. Each player is an individual working to their own ends, from guiding the nation as its chancellor, an allied citizen hoping to gain influence, or a rebel working toward open revolution. Whether you muster armies in the open, or quietly gain influence in the shadows, someone eventually comes out on top. In a fascinating twist, subsequent sessions use the events of the last to inform setup, as if you’re charting the grand history of the land as it comes to pass. $120

Descent: Legends of the Dark

The Descent franchise has a long history of providing some of the best dungeon-crawling around, but Legends of the Dark is a totally new twist on the experience. The immense box includes nearly 50 miniatures and a ton of 3D terrain for multi-level exploration. But it’s the integrated digital companion app that sets the game apart, enriching storytelling, aiding in setup, and facilitating combat. While still very much a board game for the table, video gamers will appreciate the hybrid experience and deep immersion. $179


D&D: The Wild Beyond The Witchlight


Fallout RPG Core Rulebook




Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual


Jazwares – Sponsored

Squishville Mystery Mini Plush Series 2 Blind Bag

Squish into Squishville with the Squishville Mystery Mini-Squishmallows! Dress your mini-Squishmallows with the adorable fashion accessory included with the cute plush. For example, Cora the Cat comes with an apron! These 2″ Mini-Squishmallows are the ultimate companions to play with and collect, with 24 styles in this collection! Contains one product chosen at random. $4.99

Pokémon Pikachu Deluxe Collector 13-in Statue

Featuring incredible Electro Ball attack effects, 1/10th scale, and an unrivaled level of detail, the world’s most iconic Electric-type Pokémon has never looked quite as awesome as this! Press the Poké Ball button at the figure’s base and watch Pikachu’s Electro Ball attack pulse with energy! Gotta Catch ’Em All!™ An Officially licensed Pokémon product from Jazwares! Ages 4+ $59.99

Pokémon 24 Battle Figure Pack 2021 Holiday Advent Calendar

It’s the most fabulous time of the year, and the 2021 Pokémon Holiday Advent Calendar is here with the best of holiday cheer! Create and display your own Pokémon holiday scene. Every day is an exciting reveal as each numbered door contains 1 of 16 dynamically posed 2” Pokémon Battle Figures with a gorgeous pearlized finish, or 1 of 8 Holiday themed accessories. The 2” Pokémon toy characters include Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Vulpix, Eevee, Yamper, and more of your favorites! $34.99

Roblox 2021 Holiday Advent Calendar

Featuring holiday twists on Roblox figures and items, these fun and frosty surprises are sure to make your yuletide bright. Each package comes with a redeemable code to unlock an exclusive virtual item on Roblox. $29.99

Pokémon Celebration Silver Pikachu Plush 12-in

Only at GameStop

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon with this Gamestop Exclusive! This 12″ Silver Pikachu plush toy is the perfect gift for Pokémon fans! Ages 2+ $19.99

Squishville Dragons Squishmallow 4-Pack

Only at GameStop

This adorably squishy 4-pack assortment features your favorite Squishmallow plush characters Dalton and Dakota in an exclusive mini 2″ size. $14.99


Oculus Quest 2

Oculus has doubled the storage size of its base Quest 2 unit to 128GB but maintained the high-speed processing and excellent resolution for games and videos, all at the same price as the earlier 64 GB unit. This wireless headset should be the undisputed choice for active (and portable) VR use. Whether you’re moving with one of the music apps like Beat Saber or Dance Central, or one of the more fitness-focused apps like Supernatural, you can definitely break a sweat. $299

Bolt Pro Electric Bike

If you enjoy a ride out in the open air, but you wouldn’t mind a little boost, Jetson’s electric bike offers an entry into the category without costing you the arm and leg you need to start pedaling. The Bolt Pro can hit over 15 miles an hour with its single-speed gear, which can manage both flats and hills. 14-inch wheels, dual disc brakes, and a 350-watt rear wheel motor pack more punch than the small profile might suggest, and you can ride up to 30 miles on a charge if you don’t mind putting in a bit of pedal assist. $599

Rolflex Pro

Non-gamers may scoff at the idea of pain or injury from long play sessions, but that doesn’t change the reality that carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress can lead to very real discomfort. This leverage-based roller is built to address those kinds of injuries and relieve muscular tension from more traditional exercise, using foam rollers that aid recovery and pain management. $69.95

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Suede Sneakers

Celebrate all the time spent on that tropical island of yours with these classy and understated shoes. Subtle enough that you won’t be scared to go out in public, these comfy suedes show game-inspired prints on the outsole, hangtag, and PUMA formstrip. The crossover line includes other shoes and apparel if you’re looking to complete the look. $90

Demon Slayer Graphic Tees

Few anime of recent years have so aggressively captured the attention of fans as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Head out in style with these graphic tees, which feature slick nods to Tanjiro Kamada’s adventure. Uniqlo’s shirts are consistently super comfy and high quality, even if they might not be strong enough to ward off a demon’s curse. $19.90


Call Me If You Get Lost: Tyler the Creator


Glow On: Turnstile


Happier Than Ever: Billie Eilish


Screen Violence: CHVRCHES


Hasbro – Sponsored

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 6-in Pink Ranger Action Figure

Only at GameStop

Over 20 points of articulation for high poseability. $29.99

Star Wars: The Black Series The Mandalorian – Death Watch Helmet

The warrior clans of Mandalore were believed to have been wiped out ages ago, their tattered remnants exiled. Their ways were resurrected, and with them, their legendary combat armor that was feared across the galaxy. Featuring a flip-down rangefinder with flashing LED lights and an illuminated heads-up display, fans can imagine what it was like for the members of the Mandalorian Death Watch to suit up for galactic action! $119.99

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto with Stand

Green and glowing at the center, this premium roleplay Eye of Agamotto electronic talisman is the ultimate combination of costume and collectible! Exceptional detailing for play or display makes this an exotic addition to any Marvel fan’s collection. $49.99

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Action Figure

Marvel Gamerverse 6-inch action figure. $22.99

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger Replica Helmet

Only at GameStop

Adjustable fit. Display stand included. $99.99

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Armorer Action Figure

Only at GameStop

This 6-inch-scale figure features premium detail, multiple points of articulation, and vintage-look packaging inspired by the series’ aesthetic. $26.99


Hex Gaming PS5 Rival Controller

Squarely targeted at gamers looking to step up into professional play, the Rival is a heavily modified official PS5 controller, specifically built to boost eSports competitive edge and allow full customization. Interchangeable thumbsticks, button reassignment to the added rear buttons, as well as the availability of hair triggers are all included features to support high performance. The complete color selection for individual parts lets you make the controller your own. $289

Quadcast S Microphone

Whether you’re aiming to up your stream audio quality, or you just want a better mic setup on Discord or Teamspeak, the Quadcast S manages that rare feat of high style, high functionality, and ease-of-use that makes for an easy recommendation. The USB plug-in makes it simple to get started, the sound quality is excellent, and the slim design and built-in shock mount are thoughtfully designed. However, it’s the variable RGB color scheme that is the real attention grabber, letting you color your lighting to match your mood. $159

HyperSonic DX Wireless HD In-Ear Headphones

There are plenty of very pricey options for in-ear Bluetooth headphones; it can be tricky to find a good balance between quality and cost. LinearFlux has hit on a solid offering that ably walks the line. The wireless charging case fits in your pocket, and the earbuds themselves lodge securely in place while in use. Sound quality is very good for on-the-go usage, with very respectable bass and clear tone, and the microphone does a solid job when those phone calls come in to interrupt your playlist. $79.99

Samsung Frame TV

The Frame TV takes the obvious space-saving benefits of a wall-hung flat-panel, and adds customizable bevels and an especially thin profile. The result looks like a piece of art on your wall. That effect is further enhanced because the TV can be set to display actual museum-quality art when turned off, with an ambient light sensor to have it match the room’s current atmosphere. A subscription gets you thousands of art options, but gamers should appreciate the partnership with Xbox, which includes 20+ free art pieces from franchises like Halo and Ori. Of course, turn the TV on, and Samsung’s excellent 4K QLED display will have those (and other) games looking stellar. $599 (32-inch) – $2,699 (75-inch)

AccuVoice AV357 Wood TV Speaker

This home audio solution ticks a lot of boxes for an affordable soundbar, but especially impressed us for its focus on gamers with partial hearing impairment. While the three built-in speakers produce a solid and clear soundscape for anyone, including a virtual surround effect, the optional AccuVoice feature boosts the frequencies of voices, even over significant background noise, effects, or music. If you frequently find yourself missing dialogue in games and movies, it’s a game-changer. $349

TiVo Stream 4K

We have a wealth of options for how to connect to streaming content, but the TiVo Stream 4K is among the best and most affordable choices for a unified experience across all the services you might use, offering UHD support, Dolby Vision HDR, and Dolby Atmos for the vast majority of streaming platforms, including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and more. The voice remote, high speed, and united search across all your content at once may have you wondering why you waited this long to switch. $29.99

1942 X Replicade

New Wave has gone to great pains to perfectly capture the look, feel, and controls of the classic 1942 Lowboy arcade cabinet – only at one-sixth its original size. The 11-inch tall collector’s piece can play both 1942 and 1943 flawlessly, and even comes with a bonus mini arcade stick for two-person play. Plug-and-play HDTV connectivity offers that big-screen option when you’re ready to leave the miniature world. $149

8BitDo Xbox Media Remote

Compatible with Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, these stylish remotes are a great choice if your Microsoft console doubles as your primary disc and streaming video player. Backlit buttons and ergonomic setup lead to more user-friendly navigation through your videos than with the system’s game controller, and 8BitDo maintains its reputation for solid peripherals at very reasonable costs. $19.99 (no numpad, white), $24.99 (numpad, black)

TV + Film

Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection (UHD)


Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms

$29.98 (Blu-ray)

Neon Genesis Evangelion


Zack Snyder’s Justice League

$24.99 (Blu-ray)

Funko – Sponsored

Funkoverse Marvel 100 Strategy Game

Marvel’s Infinity War explodes into the Funkoverse in an epic board game showdown between The Avengers Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther and Black Widow. $39.99

Funko Advent Calendar Pokémon 2021 Countdown Calendar

Jump start your quest to catch them all! Vinyl figures range in height, depending on character, from approximately 1.25-inches to 2.15-inches tall. $39.99

Funko DC DCeased Mystery Box

Only at GameStop

A must for Batman fans and DC lovers! You’ll receive 1 Pop! vinyl figure, 1 collector Pop! pin, 1 logo decal, and 1 keychain – each featuring Regular or Bloody versions of Batman and Joker! $19.99

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Survive ’Til 6AM Board Game

You’re the night shift security guard for a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Beware the animatronics that activate on their own at night! Each turn you’ll check the security cameras and react to the movements in the dark. Choose to turn on the lights or close doors to protect yourself — but watch out! Each reaction depletes your limited power. Keep Freddy and his friends out of your office until you can clock out at 6:00 am. Each game plays approx. 20 minutes. Perfect for 1-2 players, ages 13 and up. $16.99

Vannie Plush

Only at GameStop

16″ Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach character plush. $29.99

Lefty Plush

Only at GameStop

16” Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator character plush. $29.99

Funko POP! Animation: Batman 1989 Joker with Hat 10-in Jumbo Vinyl Figure

Only at GameStop

You’ll have the last laugh when you add Pop! Jumbo Batman 1989 Joker (with hat) to your vinyl figure collection! $39.99

Funko POP! Advent Calendar 2020: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Bring Halloween Town home for the holidays! Figures vary in height depending on character, maximum 2-inches tall. $39.99

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