Gamers Still Spend More Time Playing Offline Than Online, According To Sony

Despite how the landscape might look from the outside looking in, Sony claims PS4 owners spend more time playing offline than online.

It feels a little like if a new game doesn’t have some sort of online element to it, then it is doomed to fail. Titles and franchises are adding and sometimes even shoehorning in battle royale modes in an attempt to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. It’s why Activision created Warzone, but in its defense, that’s an example of a BR mode performing incredibly well.

As a matter of fact, from the outside looking in it would appear that BR modes and online gaming almost always perform well, at least to begin with. According to Vice, a developer who was given a briefing in 2019 which included features that were being worked on for the PS5 actually featured the phrase “everyone knows single player is dying”. However, a little deeper into that same document PlayStation revealed that might not be entirely true.

According to its internal tracking data at the time, more PS4 players were doing their gaming offline than online. Chances are Marvel’s Spider-Man had a lot to do with that. Leaked numbers suggest it was one of, if not the best-selling game on PS4, and the PS exclusive features no online elements whatsoever.

Clearly, gamers still crave a single-player story that they can become immersed in. However, as the distributed document goes on to say, that’s harder for some people than others no matter how much they want to play. Other responsibilities such as work, children, and errands result in their gaming windows being an hour every other evening, or 30-minute intervals wherever they can find them.

That’s what prompted PlayStation to create the PS5’s activities feature. It lets you jump right into a mission, and also tells you roughly how long it will take to complete. The feature was developed to cater to what appears to be PlayStation’s core group of gamers. Those who want to continue playing offline but want that to be more accessible. Considering the positive feedback the feature has received, there’s every possibility offline gaming will remain as popular as it was in 2019, or perhaps even continue to outweigh the desire to game online.

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