Games Done Quick Raises Another $3 Million For Doctors Without Borders

Games Done Quick has been a phenomenal success once again, raising $3 million for the charity Doctors Without Borders. This comes as part of its Summer Games Done Quick marathon, and was the first to be held in person since the start of the pandemic.

A grand total of $3,016,200 was raised for the charity, which provides healthcare to anyone in need, all around the world. This marks the second time the fundraiser has surpassed $3 million in donations, with money coming in so quickly that $120,000 was raised in just 20 minutes alone.

The $3 million figure was reached just before an Elden Ring run, with the whole audience celebrating as soon as they hit the milestone. Given that this was the first year the event went back to being held in person, and during the ongoing cost of living crisis, this is an amazing figure to reach. In fact, it isn't too far off the record-breaking $3,442,033 that was made back in January, showing that the speedrunning community has hit the ground running once again.

A whole lot of games and speedruns were showcased during the one-week event – far too many to go over here. But highlights include both a glitchless and any% run of Pokemon Shining Pearl, which quickly became a popular speed game when it launched last year. A run of the Pokemon Emerald Randomizer also got a lot of buzz, as it required runners to think on their feet, not being able to predict what Pokemon they'd end up with.

The Elden Ring run that closed off the show will also be worth watching when it's shared on the Games Done Quick YouTube account. That is, if you can handle seeing someone speed through the game that we all tore our hair out over.

The next main event, Awesome Games Done Quick, is set for January 2023. In the meantime, we can expect marathons such as Classic Games Done Quick, and the all-women event, Flame Fatales.

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