Games Inbox: What do you think of the PS5 reveal?

The evening Inbox wonders what Microsoft’s response will be to the PS5 specs announcement, as one reader falls in love with Yakuza Zero.

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Opening salvo

So that PS5 reveal came out of nowhere! Pretty detailed stuff too, even if things like the release date and so on are only implied. The specs seems good, from what they’ve said of them so far, but I already fear that 8K and ray-tracing are being turned into mascot buzz words and probably won’t even be in most games/are largely meaningless. (Is anyone really running out to buy a 8K TV already?)

As a statement of intent though it’s all good and I like the idea of the superfast SSD, backwards compatibility, and the fact that it will still have a disc drive.

None of this really means much until we see the games (and the price) but it’s good opening salvo and I look forward to seeing what Microsoft’s response will be. I’m actually kind of surprised Sony revealed so much about the specs this early as now Microsoft can really easily one-up them and pretend that was their plan along.

Or does Sony realise this and has something planned to counter that? Begun, the console wars have!


Automatic upgrade

Didn’t expect Sony to reveal so much in their first mention of the PlayStation 5! Makes me excited to find out about whatever they aren’t talking about. I’m not that technical so I don’t know how many tetradactyls this is going to be pumping out but by boasting about 8K already, considering the PlayStation 4 can barely handle 4K, is certainly an eye-opener.

What interests me most though is what’s going to be released between now and the launch next Christmas? If Sony aren’t at E3 is it really feasible that The Last Of Us Part II is going to be released this Christmas? And if it’s not would Sony really release it or the samurai one so close to a new console’s release?

If the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible then you could argue that your purchase wouldn’t be wasted, but wouldn’t you rather play the same game with better graphics? Or maybe the PlayStation 5 will be able to automatically upgrade them via hooks already placed in the game? I’m sure there’ll be more gimmicks beyond just ray-tracing and look forward to find out more.


Quality costs

Dagnabbit Capcom!

I’m sure the hardware is excellent but £200 for a tiny amount of games that have never been released outside the arcade before and a smattering of others that have a number of times (PS2/Xbox/PSP/360/PS3) just so that they can be played on an admittedly authentic-looking joystick and button setup is a huge kicker. Especially if the list can never be added to via SD.

I was salivating at the prospect of playing Aliens Vs. Predator. The Capcom beat ‘em-up bundle on modern formats is only a few months old. If they were on the verge of regaining the licence they could have held back and included it there. What’s next? They release Cadillacs And Dinosaurs but you can only play it while sat in the bath? X-men Vs. Street Fighter can only be played on compatible smart fridges? Graaah!
Meestah Bull

GC: It is a bit of a cheek, but as high as it is the price is quite reasonable given the cost of that quality of joystick. For us, the decider is whether you can add more games to it later. It would seem a huge missed opportunity if you can’t.


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Blatant clue

This is pretty obscure but I’ve seen people discussing this tweet from Capcom and saying it’s a hint about a Resident Evil 3 remake. Basically, there’s various bashed in walls and areas in Resident Evil 2 that it’s though Nemesis caused, since Resident Evil 2 and 3 happen at nearly the same time. That’s been a fan theory for a long time so Capcom putting out this tweet could mean that they’re going to confirm it in a remake.

Bit of a long shot maybe but it seems pretty obvious that they’re going to do the remake at some point and I would imagine an annoucement at E3 is going to be all but guaranteed at this point.


Zero to hero

After hearing GC and its readers sing the series praises over the years, I decided to try something different and get Yakuza Zero. Zero because I heard that was the best entry point for newcomers to the series. Last night I completed the first chapter and I have to say I love it.

The combat isn’t exactly the same quality as the Batman: Arkham games but it is still better than what I expected and has more depth that I thought it would, what with the different combat styles and skill trees to unlock new moves. I particularly love the finishing animations, I did one last night where I shoved a satsuma down someone’s throat, it was hilarious.

What I like most about the game is the story, which has me gripped. I have never been gripped as much as this by a video game story. I thought the long cut scenes and having to read the localised text would become bothersome but that has not been the case at all, each cut scene is something I relish.

The characters are all unique and because of this I can actually remember all their names. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the world and the crazy side missions I have heard so much about. I will let you know my final thoughts when completed. Who knew a story about real estate could be so good?
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
Now playing: Yakuza Zero (PS4)


The Force was not with it

This isn’t games related per se but someone mentioned the recent Star Wars films the other day. Personally, I thought The Last Jedi was brilliant and the best since Return of the Jedi, maybe even The Empire Strikes Back.

The Star Wars fanbase doesn’t seem to know what it wants. People complained that The Force Awakens was basically a re-run of A New Hope but then weren’t happy that The Last Jedi dared to be different. Essentially it seems like fans wanted a remake of The Empire Strikes Back and for Snoke and Kylo Ren to be carbon copies of Darth Vader and The Emperor.

Also, some of the comments directed towards Rey, Rose, and Finn seems to stem from the more toxic elements of the fanbase that can’t accept that god forbid the hero (or heroine) might not be a white male for a change.

The trailer for the latest film hasn’t given me much confidence that the latest film won’t just set out to change everything good about the last film and pander to the fans that seem content for the Star Wars franchise to remain the same thing forever and never take any risks.

I know the games Inbox might not be the forum for this rant but I need to vent!

GC: It might not be as blatant as The Force Awakens but The Last Jedi has a very similar structure and set of themes to The Empire Strikes Back, except not presented in anywhere near as coherent or entertaining a fashion. In our opinion the new films should never have featured the old characters to the degree they have, and it’s meant the most interesting thing about them – Rey and Kylo Ren – have had to struggle for screen time in their own trilogy. If we have any hope for Star Wars at the moment it lies mostly with The Mandalorian.


Console migration

Why has Microsoft suddenly started making mobile games? That seems pretty weird to me when they could’ve been doing that at any point in the last 10 years almost. I do worry about Microsoft’s commitment to consoles. I know they’ve said they’re not giving up but after three generations in last or second-to-last place you’ve got to want a change in direction.

To me that’s obviously going to be this streaming project, which if it’s a hit I’m sure will become Xbox – rather than just a box under your TV. I imagine for them it couldn’t happen soon enough.

GC: They’ve made a few before. Halo: Spartan Assault in particular springs to mind – which eventually made it to other formats.


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Late topic

I have been lucky enough to own Playstation VR since its launch way back when and as a massive fan I couldn’t resist writing in for the Hot Topic on VR.

In those early days there were numerous demos, VR films, experiments, and small add-ons to existing games which, despite being short in length, were free and gave an excellent insight into VR’s potential.

The first full game I experienced was Resident Evil 7 and was completely blown away, the increased immersion raising the fear to almost an unbearable level. To me this is without question THE game of this generation.

After such an amazing launch PSVR’s first year was a little disappointing, a few highlights – the Star Wars: Battlefront add-on, Arizona Sunshine, Eagle Flight, Rez Infinite, Resident Evil 7 DLC, and a few others – but it did feel a little slow.

Then things started to pick up: Skyrim, Doom, Farpoint (the Aim Controller surprisingly adding even more to the experience) Polybius, Star Trek, the WipEout update, a steady stream of indies and more experimental titles, and VR apps including the World Cup. The second half of 2018 and early 2019 the format really hit its stride with Moss, Astro Bot, Firewall, and Borderlands 2.

The back catalogue now contains a number of VR builds of existing games, but more importantly a large number of games that use VR to create experiences that are simply not possible on a flat screen.

So here we are, into its third year and things don’t look to be slowing down. Every week sees two or three titles land on the PS Store and a number of big titles on the horizon: Wolfenstein: CyberPilot, Borderlands DLC, No Man’s Sky, Blood & Truth, and Iron Man. No doubt some of the incoming releases will be a load of tosh, but that’s no different to any other format.

I think Sony should be applauded for taking the risk in asking customers to buy an accessory that costs as much, if not more, than the PlayStation 4 itself. I believe that VR, and indeed AR, are a number of years away from becoming truly mass market and cost is one of the biggest barriers. However, what Sony have proved, with sales of 4 million units so far, is that there is a market for VR and they are streets ahead of the competition.

I now cannot imagine owning a console without VR. Bring on the next generation.
PS: Nintendo announcing Labo VR is spot on.


Inbox also-rans

16 games? So much for Capcom having all their best games. I haven’t even heard of most of them! That is far too rich for me at £200.

Half a billion dollars to bribe indie developers into making iOS timed exclusives? Sometimes the games industry can be really dumb.
Benjy Dog


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Games based on movies, TV shows, comics, and other existing properties have seen something of a resurgence in recent months, particularly with Star Wars and Marvel, but what video game would you most want to see made based on something that already exists? Whether it’s James Bond or Hellboy let us know what kind of game it’d be and if you have a dream developer you’d like to see work on it.

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