Genshin Impact 1.2 Will Introduce Two New Characters: Albedo The Alchemist And Ganyu The Adeptus

Genshin Impact’s Version 1.2 update is planned to release on December 23, introducing the world of Teyvat to a brand-new region and two new characters – Albedo and Ganyu.

Albedo the Alchemist and Ganyu the Adeptus are both five-star characters, with Albedo featured prominently in the upcoming The Chalk Prince and the Dragon questline. They’re described by Mihoyo as a “young yet legendary genius alchemist in Mondstadt, wielding a sword and the power of geo.” Albedo is investigating a sword known as Festering Desire and, by helping with their research, you’ll be able to add the deadly weapon to your inventory – along with an assortment of other items from the event shop, including the Crown of Insight.

Ganyu, on the otherhand, is “a half human, half-adeptus Cryo archer who serves as an emissary and secretary for the Liyue Qixing.” She’ll have her own side quest that will offer an in-depth look at her backstory.

The two characters seem to offer different radically different playstyles, and we’re excited to check them out later this month.

Version 1.2 is also introducing Genshin Impact to its first ever map expansion – Dragonspine. This is a towering mountain range just south of Mondstadt. Here you’ll find “unique creatures, a lost ancient civilization, bountiful ingredients, rare artifacts, and recipes for multiple 4-star weapons.” The region is constantly covered in snow, meaning you’ll need to bundle up if you’re hoping to stay warm and do much exploring in the wintery zone. Mihoyo is even adding a new Sheer Cold bar – a new resource you’ll need to monitor while enduring the frigid winds of Dragonspine. Become too cold, and you’ll slowly see your HP drain.

Genshin Impact received a nomination at The Game Awards this year for Best Mobile Game, but wasn’t able to bring home any hardware – that honor went to the wildly popular Among Us.

Genshin Impact is available for free on iOS, Android, PC, and PS4. Version 1.2 will be available for all platforms on December 23.

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